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January/February 2018

“Two years ago came in second place for “Best Home Service” for your Maggy Awards. I’d love to email my customers to vote for us, however there is no Best Home Service category or Best Delivery Service category for 2018. We’ve been in business since 2009, and I like to joke that we’re the best kept secret in Cary, even though we have thousands of customers and over 75 local restaurants that we deliver for. I’m confident we would easily win a best in home delivery service category.”

Dan Bernard, owner

“The guide to sustainable fashion was an excellent compilation of innovators, businesses, practices, and facts. Great journalism. Congratulations.”

Brenda Larson
Sustainable Fashion: A How-To

“All of the Ambassadors, including me, are so thrilled to be a part of this issue of Cary Magazine. Thank you for putting your heart and soul into the story. We truly appreciate being profiled. It will now be easier to corral the individuals to come together for group rehearsals. Your article really helped make their participation even more fun.”

Ron Campbell
The Santa Brotherhood

“The magazine is beautiful, and I really appreciate the opportunity of being a part of it.”

Pat Guess
Homemade for the Holidays

“What a sincere pleasure to start my week off by meeting you, popping popcorn and talking about my Grandma Sarah and her amazing popcorn!”

Barbara Mooty Vinson
Homemade for the Holidays

“Thanks for the wonderful article Cary Magazine! Our new Y is indeed an example of what can happen when people are inspired to come together and collaborate. We’re so proud to see a shared vision become a reality, and to serve the NW Cary community!”

Leanne Phillips, Northwest Cary YMCA
Greater Good: The Why Project

“Thank you Cary Magazine! We are grateful for your decision to put the spotlight on us and for the great care you took in sharing about our work.”

Jennifer Weiss, Executive Director of The Hope Center at Pullen
Nonprofit Spotlight: The Hope Center at Pullen


August 2016

“Just read your article on Summer STEM! Thank you so much for capturing this story and sharing it with our community!”

Teresa Pierrie, Wake Ed Partnership
It’s a STEM World

“Thank you so much for such an enjoyable experience. I received your letter and magazine today and was deeply touched. My mother was so delighted and proud that she is planning on framing the article and picture!”

Deborah Kim
Notable Teens

“I want to say thanks for reaching out to me and writing this piece about me. It means a lot not only to me, but my mom as well.”

José San Martin Ortiz
Notable Teens

“The Center for Volunteer Caregiving’s Red Carpet Rendezvous was a big success! Cary Magazine’s support helped us to strengthen our sponsorships and raise more money. We had record sponsorship dollars this year, enabling us to exceed our event goal of raising $45,000. Thanks so much for supporting the Center.”

Sharon Nell


June/July 2016

“Still trying to find the words to express our deepest gratitude to Cary Magazine! What was already a dream come true to be IN the magazine, has turned into an even BIGGER, overwhelming moment in time to find out that we got the COVER, alongside our friends The Freezing Pointe! As a local family-owned business using recipes passed down from generation to generation, to say we feel like we’re honoring those who created these recipes would be an understatement.”

Kristin Cleve, Slice Pie Company
Make Mine á la Mode

“Very happy to see Slice Pie on the cover! So awesome.”

Delores Davis, via Facebook

“It was very disappointing to read that the Movers and Shakers nominees had to be under 45 … When we talk about those who move, shake and shape our communities, there should truly be no upper age limit.”

Valerie Creager, Apex
Movers & Shakers

“Thank you for including me in the Movers & Shakers Issue. I loved reading about everyone else and am just so honored to be included with this group of amazing people in Cary! Congrats on a beautiful magazine, and thank you for all that you all do!”

Becca Smith, Smith & Smith, CPA, P.C.
Movers & Shakers

“Great article; thanks again for covering this great sport!”

Mark L. Stohlman, Mayor, Town of Morrisville
Bowled Over by Cricket

“Thank you so much for publishing our shortcake recipe. It looks great, and we’ve gotten wonderful feedback.”

Sherród Faulks and Danielle Jones, Slice & Torte
To Market, To Market

“I picked up a copy of the magazine yesterday, and the Cary Photographic Artists photo essay looked great! Thanks again for the opportunity.”

Barbara Guin, Cary Photographic Artists
Summer Dreams


May 2016

“The issue is absolutely AMAZING! Thank you so much for including Chico’s.”

Kelsey McShane of Chico’s, New York
Warming Trends

“Thank you so much for giving our girls the opportunity to be a part of something amazing. I only received awesome, positive feedback from the girls and they loved working on set with your team.”

Kourtney Hardin, 3 Blackbird Management
Warming Trends

“We had to move from our neighborhood in Cary, not only because the HOA didn’t allow chickens, but because our neighbors were aggressively against chickens … I don’t believe most subdivisions, especially newer developments, are ready to accept this type of sustainability. Neighborhood children, however, truly enjoyed having the birds around.”

Diana Locki
Make Room for Chickens

“You wrote on OISO restaurant. Thank you. This is the best sushi ever. Young Kim is very talented with his style of preparing food and the taste is outstanding. Wow, fresh preparation and generous plus friendly. … His wife Jo Kim makes her kimchi, which is outstanding. I will not go to any other sushi house ever again.”

Linnie Mello
New in Town

“Wow! Thanks so much for the extraordinary and complimentary article and accompanying (action!) photograph. … You certainly captured my feelings about the benefits of volunteering. … Great team!”

Anne Kratzer, Cary
How to be senior strong


March/April 2016

“Thank you so much for covering our great outdoors! I really enjoyed the March/April issue of Cary Magazine’s Great Escapes. This is a terrific asset for folks looking for healthy, free things to do in our area.”

Alisa Wright Colopy, Fit & Able Productions
Great Escapes

“You that you did a great job on the article. Writing is art with words. I have always been so impressed by your craft.”

Phil Hathcock, Cary sculptor
In their elements

“Thanks Cary Magazine for the amazing article about Cary sculptors!”

Cary Visual Art, via Twitter
In their elements

“Very nice article! Thank you very much. I really appreciate you writing about us.”

Shane Garrity, Lucky 32
Lucky 32 shines inside and out

“Thank you so much for including us in the March/April 2016 magazine! The article and photos are fantastic. We will be sharing it with all of our members.”

Diana Hackenburg, Triangle Land Conservancy
Great Escapes

“Nice job on Great Escapes. In a short amount of space you capture the essence of why we hike. Hopefully, you’ll inspire the couch-bound to get out and explore. And Jonathan did a great job with the art. Shooting in the woods is a challenge.”

Joe Miller,
Great Escapes

“The current issue and Birds + Bees article looks so good! Thank you for your work and for covering this topic for Cary readers. I hope they love it as much as we do!”

Mary Alice Holley, for Audubon NC
Let’s Talk About the Birds & the Bees

“Thank you for the wonderful article on Art in Bloom in the current issue of Cary Magazine. It looks beautiful, and we are so grateful!”

Emily Kowalski, North Carolina Museum of Art
Art in Bloom


February 2016

“Thank you for such a wonderful feature in the current issue. I am so obsessed with the photo of Deanna and Colin (Crossman) in the tub. I told Deanna she has to blow that up into a massive poster and hang that somewhere in the hotel.”

Taryn Sher, The Mayton Inn
The Perfect Fit

“What a great issue, Cary Magazine, and I’m not just saying that because of page 70. Thanks for hanging out with us! Can’t wait to be neighbors!”

Deanna Crossman, The Mayton Inn
The Perfect Fit

“Thanks Cary Magazine for highlighting Chief Fahnestock! Great article! Great Chief of Police! Great lady!”

Town of Fuquay-Varina, via Facebook
Server and Protect

“Thank you for featuring Muddy Dog Roasting Company in the We Love section of February’s Food Issue. The photos are fabulous! We have enjoyed reading Cary Magazine since its inception.”

Debbie Pellegrini, co-owner, Muddy Dog Roasting Company
We Love

“Just wanted to thank you for the great article! We loved it as well as the whole experience! And can’t wait to use those prizes!”

Lisa & Keith Hickman, winners of the Cary Magazine Be My Valentine Contest
Be My Valentine


January 2016

“WhooHooo Don Cloninger! So deserving of the cover! One of the nicest, kindest doctors that gives back to the community as well takes great care of his patients. Bravo!”

Kellan Duffy, via Facebook
2016 Maggy Awards

“Through your generosity, we will achieve our mission to Provide Help When It Counts for our neighbors who face immediate crises. … Thank you, friends.”

Howard Manning, Dorcas Ministries, recipient of proceeds from the Maggy Awards Party raffle
Choice Charities

“My name is Cheri Spitz and I have been the director of Resurrection Lutheran Preschool in Cary for 30 years. I’m retiring at the end of this preschool year, but wanted to thank you for the Maggy Awards before I leave my position. We have felt very honored to have been the recipient of the Maggy Award Honorable Mention for four years … We have heard from numerous parents who have come to register here, that the Maggy Award weighed quite heavily into their decision. We also feel especially honored since we are just a small preschool and only have our parents’ votes compared with the multiple location daycares. Just wanted to let you know that RLP appreciates you!”

Cheri Spitz, Resurrection Lutheran Preschool
2016 Maggy Awards, Best Lifestyle