Nonprofit Supports Survivors of Human Trafficking

Humans for Justice is a local student-led nonprofit with a mission to fund secondary and post-secondary education costs for people who have survived human trafficking.

The nonprofit is partnering with several local restaurants Aug. 12-18, to raise money to continue supporting survivors. During the “Take a Bite, Support the Fight” effort, fundraisers will be held... Read More

Notable Teens 2018

Kaylin Roberson Written by Jessica Snouwaert

Kaylin Roberson, 19, is already well on her way to pursuing a career in music.

As a singer-songwriter, she has had the chance to travel across the country to perform with the Teen Nation Tour, work with some of the best professionals in the music industry and play gigs... Read More

‘Complementary Players’ is an Exploration of Balance and Nature

The swirling energy of Cynthia Knapp’s canvases draw the viewers eye. Her fields of overlapping colors blur and combine, inspiring comparisons to rocks seen through a stream bed or light dappling through a canopy of leaves.

The woodsy environs of The Umstead Hotel and Spa in Cary are a fitting venue for the Atlanta-based artist’s... Read More

Support Small Business – Really Small

Lots of kids have lemonade stands, but some wee wheeler-dealers hit it big with iPhone games or Shark Tank appearances.

Often what separates the wannabes from the entrepreneurs is a little encouragement. An event this weekend aims to support children aged 6 to 14 who have great ideas and want to start a business.

More... Read More

Food & Dining

Eat This Now

You’ve got to eat, right?

Then you might as well get your fill from the innovative chefs and restaurateurs who are keeping the Triangle up to the moment with the food scene’s hottest and latest. Creative flavors, traditional techniques and unique ingredients — here are five trends to put on your plate, now. Ethnic-inspired Breakfast

... Read More

Cantina 18

It’s no accident that Jason Smith is among a handful of local chef-proprietors who have fashioned a successful multi-concept restaurant consortium. Since opening his flagship bistro 18 Seaboard in downtown Raleigh in 2006 and, most recently, his second Cantina 18 location, Smith’s genuine warmth and upbeat nature have earned him respect from virtually everyone he’s... Read More

Home & Garden

Cultivate Your Brain with Gardening Books

With the summer sizzle in full swing, it’s hard to work outside in the garden all day, but this doesn’t mean you can’t have a mental garden workout inside. While weathering the heat in the cool confines of your comfy home this month, I invite you to dig into some of these books that have... Read More

Ginger Lilies: Worth the Wait

For gardeners, patience is not only a virtue. It can be rewarding — and ginger lily (Hedychium sp.) proves the point. This intriguing import from the tropics of Asia has graced Southern gardens for decades with its flowing foliage and enchanting, fragrant flowers, but each spring, backyard growers begin to wonder if their exotic beauties... Read More

We Love

We Love! August 2018

We Love! August 2018

1. Pasta la Vista Baby Ditch the boxed store pasta, and try it fresh! Fork + Spoon makes noodles and sauces from scratch in a variety of flavors including spicy red pepper, Parmesan chive and spinach; nest $2; rotini, $4. facebook.com/forkandspoonpasta

2. Want a Piece of Me? Kick your summer parties up... Read More

We Love! June/July 2018

We Love! June/July 2018

1. Games for Days Whether spending a rainy day inside or road-tripping out of town, keep these family-friendly activities from The Red Hen on hand: Crazy Aaron’s glow-in-the-dark putty kit, $20.99; dinosaur puzzle, $19.99; “The Garden” book, $11.99; and Cat Crimes game, $14.99. theredhen.com

2. For the Kiddos Put away the phones... Read More