Cary Women Pool Resources to Make a Big Splash

Members of the Cary Women’s Giving Network want to spread the word that you don’t have to be wealthy to be a philanthropist.

“The Women’s Giving Network is fabulous, because it’s money in and money out,” said Sheila Ogle, one of the group’s founders and the current leadership president. “We feel like we are being... Read More

Realtor Foundation Helps Build Stable Communities

After leaving rural North Carolina for jobs in the Triangle, Chris and Jess struggled to support themselves and their two children. And after Jess lost her job, homelessness became a real possibility. The couple turned to Family Promise of Wake County, which helped them find a three-bedroom apartment they could afford.

But even with a... Read More

High Tech Low Tech

Technology — some days we can’t put it down, others we don’t even want to turn it on. No matter your (or your kid’s) preference, plenty of family fun is nearby. So switch off the TV reruns, and enjoy these long summer days. Low-Tech For these outings, leave devices at home, and you won’t even... Read More

Home, Safe Home

Retired real estate broker Gara Coppola wanted to grow old in the house she’s shared with her husband, Peter, for the past 21 years.

“I couldn’t drive anymore,” said the 74-year-old Coppola. “We needed someone to share those responsibilities of daily living. I didn’t like the idea of being in residential facility. We put a... Read More

Food & Dining

New Restaurant Spotlight: Cary Towne Kitchen & Bar

Cary Towne Kitchen & Bar is among the newest casual-dining eateries to open this season, and those who visit will have abundant reasons to become regulars.

“We wanted to provide a comfortable place for people to come in with friends and family, but the food is more elevated than a typical chain restaurant,” said Thomas... Read More

Cream of the Crop

Need a remedy to beat the sweltering heat outside this summer? Some finely crafted ice cream will provide some cold comfort.

These local artisan ice cream producers know how to hit the sweet spot every time. And here’s the good news: You don’t have to go far to get your desserts. Milk Lab

BACKSTORY: Bin... Read More

Home & Garden

Ginger Lilies: Worth the Wait

For gardeners, patience is not only a virtue. It can be rewarding — and ginger lily (Hedychium sp.) proves the point. This intriguing import from the tropics of Asia has graced Southern gardens for decades with its flowing foliage and enchanting, fragrant flowers, but each spring, backyard growers begin to wonder if their exotic beauties... Read More

The Clan Cuphea

In a plant genus, there are often many species, and being closely related, you might think most would exhibit some semblance of similarity in appearance. As sound as this might seem, I can blow that notion out of the water with the genus Cuphea — or what I impetuously sometimes call the Clan Cuphea.

To... Read More

We Love

We Love! June/July 2018

We Love! June/July 2018

1. Games for Days Whether spending a rainy day inside or road-tripping out of town, keep these family-friendly activities from The Red Hen on hand: Crazy Aaron’s glow-in-the-dark putty kit, $20.99; dinosaur puzzle, $19.99; “The Garden” book, $11.99; and Cat Crimes game, $14.99. theredhen.com

2. For the Kiddos Put away the phones... Read More

May We Love! For Mother’s Day or dog days

May We Love! For Mother’s Day or dog days

1. Keep Your Cool You don’t have to shorten your long walks as summer warms up. Just pour water onto this Swamp Cooler dog vest from Ruffwear, and the three-layer design will cool down your pooch; $59.95. phydeaux.com

2. Tufts of Fluff This fleece snuffle-mat by Boo Bear Basics is perfect... Read More