Optimistic Spirit Shines in ‘Annie’

North Carolina Theatre’s production of “Annie” brings the optimistic spirit of the tenacious and curly haired orphan.

Alexa Lasanta, 12, reprises her role in the iconic red dress until Sunday, July 28, at the Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts in downtown Raleigh. Belting the lyrics of “Maybe,” Alexa’s clear and commanding voice is present... Read More

Notable Teens: Young Women to Watch

Marz Josephson Written by Eric Frederick

Don’t even try to find the mold for Marz Josephson.

She’s an elite athlete with scarce time for class who still excels in academics, a driven achiever who tackles multiple challenges but finds time to give back, and a born leader who loves to serve.

In her 18 years,... Read More

Nonprofit Spotlight: Healing Transitions

Justin Garrity wants people to know that addiction can happen to anyone, and he’s proof.

Garrity grew up in Cary’s MacGregor neighborhood in a loving, affluent family. He’s the first to say he had everything he needed growing up, and there was no family history of addiction.

He partied some in high school and more... Read More

Small Business Spotlight: Chatham Street Wine Market

The Chatham Street Wine Market is known for its cozy, welcoming atmosphere, free Thursday-night tastings and the on-target recommendations of owner Doug Gambardella.

The native New Yorker and his wife, Bonnie, fell in love with the walkable neighborhoods in New York and found a similar vibe in downtown Cary, where they bought a house in... Read More

Food & Dining

Restaurant Profile: Vicious Fishes Brewery, Tap and Kitchen

Perhaps it’s the catchy, rhyming name that makes Vicious Fishes intriguing. At least that’s what Ken O’Berry thought when he came up with the moniker as a 20-something grad student brewing beer at home.

Fast forward more than 25 years later. These days O’Berry and business partner Paul Miller own a taproom in Angier, another... Read More

Think Outside the (Lunch) Box

As far as meals go, lunch is overlooked and underappreciated.

Busy schedules mean folks are exercising or running errands instead of enjoying a leisurely noonday meal. Maybe they can’t face another ham-and-cheese sandwich, and instead they hit the drive-through for a burger and fries.

“Lunch tends to be tough for people, because we don’t necessarily... Read More

Home & Garden

Ironweed: Purple Reign

Mention the word “wildflower,” and visions of native plants nattily adorned with bright, cheerful blooms on crisp spring days come to mind for many gardeners, but there are other indigenous pretties that patiently bide their time when it comes to shine. A good example is ironweed (Vernonia sp.).

First, allow me break down the name.... Read More

Garden Adventurer: Attracting Dragons

Have you ever noticed how dragonflies seem to become one with the tippy-tops of car antennas during the summer? Sure, not every auto aerial finds a dragonfly fully parked, but it happens quite often.

Why dragonflies pick such perches varies between love and war. One school of thought is that the peak of an auto... Read More

We Love

Petal Power

“Florals, for spring? Groundbreaking.”

Miranda Priestly from “The Devil Wears Prada” may have been skeptical of florals resurging each spring, but we sure aren’t. Bring on the blooms, the brights, and by all means ladies, go get yourself a jumpsuit.

“Every gal needs a pair of paper bag waist pants in her life — the... Read More

We Love! January/February 2019

We Love! January/February 2019

1. Out to Dry Add a pop of color to your kitchen or bathroom with these fun hand towels from Swagger, $14.95 each. swaggergifts.com

2. Olive the Accessories Complete your favorite winter outfit with this trendy and durable hobo bag, printed coin purse and beaded tassel necklace from The Perfect Piece; hobo... Read More