Small Business Spotlight: Going My Way Greenway Bike Rentals

Lori Rusnak, owner of Going My Way Greenway Bike Rentals, is an avid bike rider who finds beauty in every season. "The trees in the winter are just as beautiful as they are in the spring and fall," said Rusnak.

Did you know that the Town of Cary alone has a greenway system spanning more than 80 miles? That’s not including all of the greenways in surrounding towns — a fact that did not escape resident Lori Rusnak’s notice.

After working as a store manager for 18 years for New York and Company, Rusnak found herself without a job in 2020 after Covid closed all of their brick and mortar stores.

“I had been riding my bike a lot more during that time and already had an epiphany on a cold January day about having a bike rental company,” said Rusnak. “My initial idea set in pretty quick because there are so many trails and the area is growing so quickly.”

In 2022, her dream came to fruition — Going My Way Greenway Bike Rentals now provides locals with bike rentals and ebike tours so they can explore and appreciate the beauty of the area. As a mobile business, Rusnak brings bikes to residences, to the trailhead of a customer’s choosing, or recommends one based on riding experience. To learn more about what it takes to have a wheelie good time, we recently caught up with Rusnak to talk about all things bikes.

Originally from Pennsylvania, owner Lori Rusnak enjoys the Triangle’s accessibility for hiking and biking and its proximity to the coast and mountains. “My motto is “We only regret the rides we didn’t take,'” said Rusnak.

When did Going My Way Greenway Bike Rentals open, and what was the inspiration behind starting your business?

My opening day was June 12, 2022. I learned from the pandemic that time can be short and we should be doing what we love. I had to take the chance. The name is inspired by one of my dad’s favorite Frank Sinatra songs, “My Way.” He always said, “I always go my way; go yours.” This is something I share on my website, as well as to my bike family. The greenways are peace — they are a way to connect to our souls. I wanted to be able to share that. My motto is, “We only regret the rides we didn’t take.” I haven’t ever been disappointed with a ride, even if it rains.

What do you offer?

I have six ebikes, 13 regular bikes, and three kid bikes. An ebike rides just like a regular bike — it still has gears, so you can adjust for straight, flat trails or hills. But it has a battery and has three levels of assist to make the hills less difficult, so you can enjoy your ride with less strain. You still have to pedal, but with the assist, someone who thinks they can only ride 3 or 4 miles can do 10 or even 15 with ease. I haven’t had anyone who has tried them say they didn’t enjoy it.

Also, my bikes can be rented for longer than just a day. Business [travelers] often keep the bikes at their hotel or an Airbnb to ride when they aren’t working.

What do your rentals include?

The rental includes a helmet and a 20-ounce bottle of water. I also provide flat kits as well as lights upon request.

“You don’t need to be experienced. I can always recommend a trail that isn’t too difficult but will be beautiful,” said Rusnak. “People always ask how long the rental is for and I say, ‘however long you want to ride.’ I can usually predict how long that will be and am usually waiting at the trailhead for them when they are done.”

Tell us more about your ebike tours!

I love doing the tours! I have two routes from downtown, starting at the First Baptist Church on Academy. We ride through neighborhoods that put us on the Pirates Cove and Hinshaw Greenways, as well as the Black Creek to Bond Park. I also like to give town information as well as greenway information. There are times when a longer ride is desired, and I have several trails that are so captivating and enjoyable. They are also easy to ride on the pedal-assist bikes of mine — they can go between 50 and 100 miles on their battery charge.

Do you need to be an experienced bike rider to enjoy your service?

You definitely don’t need to be experienced. I have taught several people to ride bikes, and they have their own bikes now. I can always recommend a trail that isn’t too difficult, but will be beautiful. People always ask how long the rental is for, and I tell them it’s however long they want to ride! I can usually predict how long that will be and am usually waiting at the trailhead for them when they are done.

Why do you think it’s important to get people outside and on bikes?

It is more important than ever that people take time to see all the beauty around them. The trees in the winter are just as beautiful as they are in the spring and fall. It is a mental reset from everything stressful, and it feels really great when you know you have ridden farther each day. It’s heart healthy.

What areas do you recommend exploring?

My favorite greenways are the White Oak Creek Greenway and the southern side of the Neuse River Trail. I do like to take my personal ebike and find new connections to greenways or through town. Sometimes I don’t know where I am riding to or for how long! I let the ride dictate that. It could be 15 miles or 50 if it’s a nice day and I have water and a banana.

Raleigh client Wendy Brancaccio learns about her bike rental before heading out on the greenway. Each rental includes a helmet and a 20-ounce bottle of water. Rusnak also provides flat kits and lights upon request.

What age groups does your business cater to?

Every age. I have three different sized kids’ bikes, as well as a Burley Bee that sits one or two. My oldest rider was 85 and rode 35 miles! Riding a bike is for all sizes and ages — I love that about it.

What is your most popular rental?

The ebikes. A lot of people have no idea how enjoyable they are! I also have one XL bike I call Big Ben. He has been ridden by many who usually ride road bikes, and he has gone hundreds of miles (all of my bikes have names).

What is your favorite thing about owning your business?

Every day I say I have the best office. I am outside all the time, and every day is definitely not like another. Making memories to cherish is my favorite. My customers become my bike family and often tell me that the ride they had was the best part of their trip.

What else should we know?

You can achieve whatever you dream. I started this business in a very uncertain world at the age of 53. I truly love each and every trail and every ride. I am so very thankful for everyone who has found me, and I look forward to many more great rides. I love this town. I can’t wait to show everyone all of my places that they should love.


  • Doug Stephens says:

    Awesome article about an awesome business run by an awesome person.

  • Tilly Copley says:

    We thoroughly enjoyed our rides along the Neuse River, the White Oak Trail, and the Tobacco trail! Your ebikes made our biking so easy and enjoyable! Big thanks for your recommendations. So amazing that you even brought the bikes to us!

  • Small businesses play a vital role in local communities, and this blog post shines a spotlight on Going My Way Greenway Bike Rentals. It explores their services and contributions to the community, showcasing the positive impact of small businesses.

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