Cary Magazine Movers & Shakers: Shawn Chase

Position: Case manager at Neuro Community Care, serving individuals who have sustained brain or spinal cord injuries, or other cognitive impairments; musician

Favorite accomplishments: “I have been very fortunate professionally, and have had the opportunity to work with some amazing people. I have the privilege to work closely with, and advocate for, families living with the effects of brain injury. I’m also proud to have worked as a full-time touring musician for several years.”

Motivation: “Knowing that the harder I work to establish, foster and build relationships with those around me, the more I will truly know and understand what drives them as human beings. Connecting with people on a higher level makes all the difference.”

Biggest challenge: “The strain of only having so many hours per day. I love my wife, my pets, my family, my work and the families I work with. Juggling all of this and knowing that I’ve done a great job in helping and making a difference — being truly effective — is the challenge.”

Guiding philosophy: “After losing my mom in 2013, I gained perspective into how small the world is and how important it is to maximize everything important to you. Realizing what is valuable to you and living and loving with no regrets is absolutely crucial.”

Fun fact: “I play the mandolin and sing with three performing acts based in Raleigh.”

Advice: “Relationships are what so much of what we do in life is based upon, both personally and professionally. Truly connecting with others and effectively establishing a rock-solid rapport is imperative and invaluable.”

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