Cary Magazine Movers & Shakers: Kenneth Combs

Position: Founder and CEO of Custom Quality Carpentry and its apprenticeship program; leader of CQC’s philanthropic efforts

Favorite accomplishment: “My family. I was born into poverty and drugs and lived in an orphanage for more than a decade. Today, God has blessed me with a beautiful wife and three healthy children. Also, the guys I work with daily are my family; we are a close group and have a lot of the same core values and beliefs.”

Biggest challenge: “Being in two places at once. I cannot be on the job, selling the next job, and dealing with all the incoming phone calls all at the same time. So I have hired people to help me: my wife, brother, lifelong friends from church, and my business partner, who is the yin to my yang. He helps balance out the company and keeps the quality control up to our standards. We care just as much about our client’s home as they do and want the work done right, the first time.”

Guiding philosophy: “People. Process. Product. We strive for the best in our team of field and office staff, in the processes we are creating to be sure everyone is getting the same great experience with CQC, and in continuing to deliver quality craftsmanship.”

Fun fact: “I hate to lose a game, so much so that even when playing Super Mario Brothers on the Wii with my kids, I will throw their characters out of the way so that I can get more coins and WIN!”

Advice: “Never give up on your goals, and constantly be learning more. Knowledge is power, whether through books, in the field learning, or shadowing someone else.”

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