Cary Magazine Movers & Shakers: Joy Hughes Pantzer

Position: Seventh-grade Healthful Living teacher; coach and intramural programs director at Holly Ridge Middle School; finalist for 2014 WCPSS Teacher of the Year

Favorite accomplishments: “I’ve developed an afterschool intramural sports program that gives all students the chance to be physically active and part of sports teams, regardless of skill level. These programs provide opportunities for improving physical health, building confidence and self-esteem, providing positive social interactions, and helping students to feel more connected at school. I’ve also enjoyed coordinating healthy fundraisers such as Hoops for Heart for the American Heart Association.”

Biggest challenge: “Maintaining a well-balanced life. I’m pursuing a master’s degree and writing my thesis, and got married in March. I attempt to be extremely focused when it’s time to work, and avoid procrastination. I also do my best to leave work at work.”

Guiding philosophy: “To love and serve God and others. People and relationships should take priority over things that have to get done. We often get so caught up in the 10 percent of life that’s hard that we forget 90 percent of life is great! Perspective dictates attitude, which influences actions, which can ultimately determine one’s life path.”

Fun fact: “I happen to be naturally talented at standing on my head. Literally.”

Advice: “Take action. There’s rarely a convenient time to make your vision or ideas come to life; it will almost always require hard work and determination.”

Louis Vitiello Jr.


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