Cary Magazine Movers & Shakers: Karla Nantz

Position: Social studies teacher at Cary High School; co-sponsor CHS Students for South Sudan; finalist for 2015 WCPSS Teacher of the Year

Favorite accomplishments: “Knowledge I gained as a North Carolina Teaching Fellow has helped me hone my instruction, build lasting relationships with students, and prepare for the challenges of being an educator. In November 2014 I achieved National Board Certification, and in the process learned what it means to truly be a reflective practitioner and foster a collaborative learning environment.”

Motivation: “I grew up as an only child in a large, loving extended family. My grandparents were hard-working, positive role models and my parents modeled responsibility, a strong work ethic and empathy. My husband completes me; I couldn’t ‘do life’ without him. I have a deep passion for Jesus and His example to serve others. My primary motivation in life and work is to make each of them proud.”  

Guiding philosophy: “With students, I attempt to impart the wisdom of Albus Dumbledore, who said, ‘It is our choices … that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.’”

Fun fact: “I’m passionate about rescue dogs and responsible pet ownership. My husband and I have three rescue dogs, and have fostered dogs. When I was very young my mom asked if I would rather have a brother or a sister. My reply was, ‘I want a dog!’”

Advice: “In North Carolina, we are losing teachers at an alarming rate. Not only do we owe high quality education to our students, but also to their parents, our communities and businesses which thrive on critical thinkers, problem solvers and compassionate individuals. To aspiring leaders in the teaching profession, I say, ‘We need you!’”

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Karla Nantz

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