Cary Magazine Movers & Shakers: Zankhna Parekh

osition: CEO and creative designer at Zankhna Designs, offering socially-conscious clothing; co-founder of Parekh Family Foundation

Favorite accomplishments: “Coming to the U.S. from Africa on my own at 17. I put myself through school, got a master’s in physical therapy, and was then able to bring my entire nuclear family here. I managed 81 clinics at the peak of my physical therapy career, then decided to stay home with the kids and started my own fashion line. I am co-founder of the Parekh Family Foundation, which performs surgeries and rehabilitation in third-world countries. I’m proud that I am pursuing every single dream of mine on a daily basis.”

Motivation: “I’ve picked paths where I can help people, make them smile and feel good about themselves. That spark in people’s eyes motivates me, whether it’s from an outfit I made for them or if I helped them walk. I’m also motivated by a hard-working husband. If he is able to do so much, I feel I have no reason to hold back.”

Biggest challenge: “As much as I want to soar and reach new heights, I stop myself often since my number one priority is my three young kids. Finding a way to still give back and pursue my dreams while making sure I am always present for them is the hardest challenge.” 

Fun fact: “I never, ever watch TV. I am an avid reader, but will not watch a single minute of TV.” 

Advice: “Stay true to yourself but go out there and pursue your dream even if it seems like the craziest idea or the hardest thing you have ever done.”

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