Cary Magazine Movers & Shakers: Kyle Denis

Position: Owner and operator of Apex Outfitter and Board Co.

Favorite accomplishments: “Helping to rally our community to support the construction of a much-needed local skate park. When the town voted on whether to build the park, I brought about 65 teenagers to the meeting and watched them speak to the town council on why the park was important to them. I also consulted in the overall design of the park with CLH Design. I now get to watch my daughter — who is my greatest accomplishment — and other kids in the community use the park for years to come.”

Biggest challenge: “As a local business owner, it’s competing with big box retailers who have larger marketing budgets that keep them more visible to the consumer. We’re constantly thinking of outside-the-box marketing ideas, and have created two different e-commerce sites that allow us to also reach online consumers.”

Guiding philosophy: “Relationship building. I believe that building meaningful connections with people in your life is essential to a healthy life and business.”

Fun fact: “I studied horticulture and landscape design in college and enjoy gardening and studying permaculture in my free time.”

Advice: “I try to live by my favorite T.S. Eliot quote daily: ‘Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.’ I have found that anything worth doing involves great risk, and typically hard work yields great reward.”

Louis Vitiello Jr.


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