Cary Magazine Movers & Shakers: Dr. Kevin Prue

Position: President/director of Prue Physical Therapy & Sports Performance; Doctor of Physical Therapy; health industry speaker

Favorite accomplishment: “Starting my own practice. I hope I can continue to grow the practice over the next few years.”   

Motivation: “At work I am motivated by my patients and clients. Whether I’m helping someone recover from an injury, or helping an athlete improve his performance, they have personal goals which they are counting on me to help them achieve. In life I am motivated by my beautiful wife, Liz. She works so hard as a second-grade teacher and at everything she does.”

Biggest challenge: “Bringing awareness to my practice. I’m working hard to speak to as many groups and participate in as many community events as my schedule allows. With that being said, the most success I’ve had is having my current patients and clients tell their friends and family about the quality experience they’ve had at my clinic.”

Guiding philosophy: “Work hard. Growing up as an athlete, I always believed that someone is out there working to get better, so in order to beat them you need to outwork them. This has carried over into my professional and personal life today, because I want to be the best physical therapist, husband and community member I can be, and the only way I know how to do that is put the time in and work hard.”  

Fun fact: “I decided to pursue a career in physical therapy after having Tommy John (ligament) surgery while playing baseball in college. The surgery part wasn’t so much fun, but I certainly enjoy what I do now.”

Advice: “Pursue as many opportunities as you can, and try to get better at something every day.”

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