Cary Magazine Movers & Shakers: Christopher Saleh

Position: Vice president of retail and marketing at Neomonde

Favorite accomplishment: “I’m most proud of Neomonde, our family business, celebrating its 38th year, and to see our brand continue to develop, as well as contributing to numerous nonprofits and charities.”

Motivation: “Continuing to grow our brand and provide high quality food to a broader audience. I truly feel that, in a way, our food makes people’s lives better.”

Biggest challenge: “Making the change from an ethnic family-run business to training and systemizing others to keep the same quality and standard we uphold, while retaining the authenticity and feel in a multi-unit structure.”

Guiding philosophy: “Treat everyone with the same care and respect you wish to be treated. If you look out for others in a true and genuine manner, in turn you find that they will always look out for you.”

Fun fact: “I was a musician and producer in Los Angeles, and have a gold record for two songs I wrote with Nelly on Universal/Motown Records.”

Advice: “Get as much experience working under the highest level professional in your respective field. Although extremely challenging, it will allow you to learn the trade at a much higher pace.”

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