Meet Victoria Ford

Victoria Ford

style influencer and blogger, The Prepford Wife

People online have become our community. They welcomed us into their lives and their homes by way of a little set of nine pictures on Instagram.

An Introduction: I’m a strategist by day and a blogger by night. The Prepford Wife is a North Carolina blog that focuses on all things home, travel, fashion and the magic of doing it yourself. My blog focuses on creating the type of home and life that you want to have through a can-do attitude and a ton of elbow grease.

Origin Story: My husband, Marcus, and I wanted to document our lives and experiences as a way of saying, “We were here.” That turned into a blog when Marcus peer-pressured me into creating one years ago — when there was no money to be made and no one was watching — because we weren’t seeing and hearing anyone quite like us.

A Proud Moment: I recently received a call from “Country Living Magazine asking if I wanted to renovate our second home with them in a series called Makeover Takeover. So for the last six months, we’ve been doing just that. It’s been an incredible partnership and a whirlwind adventure.

Recent Challenge: We renovated our main bathroom (full gut job) in the span of five days. Granted we had a solid plan, and all of the materials were on site, but demolition to walls up, in five days while still working our day jobs.

True Fact: I’m a huge Harry Potter fan: Harry Potter wedding, dogs named after Harry Potter, wedding bands engraved with Harry Potter quotes.

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