Meet Andy Munn

Andy Munn

co-founder, EQV Strategic

Our ability to navigate the complex network of state government to affect meaningful change for our clients … is the most rewarding part of my job.

An Introduction: I have spent my entire career working in or with state, local and federal government. My business partner and I started EQV Strategic in March 2020 and have quickly grown into one of the largest private lobbying firms in N.C. Most importantly, I am a husband and father of three young sons!

Origin Story: I fell backwards into a job working on a congressional campaign in 2000, …the Bush versus Gore election year that introduced us to hanging chads. That’s when the political bug bit me! Shortly after that election, I moved to Washington and worked on Capitol Hill for six years.

A Proud Moment: I have been fortunate to have been able to find success on several issues over the years – most related to tax issues, regulatory changes and procurement work. Perhaps one of the more relatable victories that I am proud of was being part of the team that passed North Carolina’s “Brunch Bill” (allowing alcohol sales before noon on Sundays). You’re welcome!

Recent Challenge: Striking out to start a new business is without question the biggest challenge I have ever faced. Not to mention my partner and I had no idea a global pandemic was about to change the entire economic, professional and social landscape in all of our lives.

True Fact: I once drove a vehicle in Vice President Dick Cheney’s motorcade during a visit he made to Charlotte 20 years ago.

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