Meet Alicia Jurado

Alicia Jurado

founder, Pura Vida Studio

I watch our students support and cheer one another on, and that just makes my heart so incredibly full.

An Introduction: I am the founder and owner of Pura Vida Studio, an aerial, yoga and wellness studio located in Cary. My studio offers classes for all ages and levels as well as summer camps.

I am a certified aerial and yoga instructor. I have been teaching and performing for nearly a decade. Most of my teaching focus is helping people move and feel better in their bodies. I am a huge advocate for both mental and physical health, which is my main mission for my studio. It is a place where people of all ages and levels get to be authentically themselves.

I am also the co-founder of Carolina Circus Festival, a circus festival for all circus performers in North Carolina to showcase their talents free to the public.

A Proud Moment: I came from a low-income area, growing up with a lot of financial and family hardships thrown in my direction. It led me to being forced out of my home at 17 years old… Yoga and aerial changed my life, and now I am a small business owner at 28! My personal hardships are why this studio means the world to me.

Recent Challenge: Transitioning my business virtually was incredibly hard but had some wonderful parts too! Some of our virtual classes or private lessons ended up reaching people all over the world — Israel, Australia and California.

True Fact: I have been skydiving, twice! It was the coolest experience ever.

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