Meet Evan Bost

Evan Bost

director of marketing and client relations, Bost Custom Homes

I hope to be a reflection of truth and an instrument of encouragement for others.

An Introduction: I’m a jack-of-all-trades people-person with a diverse background of experiences that has helped me connect with people of different perspectives and cultures. Some of my friends have given me the nickname Evan “45 minutes” Bost, because I often end up connecting with strangers for extended periods of time, inadvertently holding my friends up in the process.

Origin Story: I am passionate about life and enjoy so many activities – music performance and recording, cooking, building, urban planning, agriculture – it’s hard to say. I tend to stumble into opportunities and run with them.

I joined the family custom home building business after an interesting stint growing and selling produce for an urban farm. At Bost Homes, I’ve found passion in home design, client management and land planning.

Inspiration: It’s hard not to be excited about home building and development when our market is a Top 10 growth area of the country! In addition to the excitement from the influx of new clients, I enjoy learning about construction, land planning and how to make our cities (and homes) more pleasing to inhabitants, flora and fauna.

True Facts: I married my high school sweetheart, and we recently went skydiving for my 30th birthday in Key West. What a surreal experience!

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