Meet Jasmine Brown

Jasmine Brown

author and founder, FACTS for Youth nonprofit

I hope that my book inspires people to not only be financially savvy, but to follow their dreams and passions. If I can do it, you can too.

An Introduction: As the head swim coach at Holly Springs High, I interact with a number of high-schoolers and to be honest, many students are worried about their finances. …Whether it is investing or saving money, kids are feeling the pressure from watching their parents and family members struggle. I give it to them straight: Adulting is tough! But I also tell them to arm themselves with financial literacy. That is what my father did for me, but I soon noticed that these kids had a deep desire to learn but limited resources and no place to gather the information.

In 2018, I founded FACTS for Youth, a nonprofit to provide financial literacy to teens, athletes and young adults through workshops and partnerships with schools.

Origin story: My dad was a financial advisor, so my first exposure to finances was at home. Quizzing me on stock symbols when I was younger was the norm.

Inspiration: I started this nonprofit knowing that I could educate and provide students with the tools that help them understand the importance of sound finances, which in turn gives them a healthy head start as they grow into adults. Through my workshops and partnerships with schools, I am seeing teens and young adults grow in their confidence surrounding money.

A Proud Moment: My proudest accomplishment is writing my first book. I have always wanted to become an author, but after my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, I used my anger as fuel to write. Some days it was so hard for me to keep working on it. … When I had those tough days, I thought about my mom. I thought about making her proud. “The Money Club: A Teenage Guide to Literacy” was published Jan. 1, 2020.

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  • As a financial literacy educator in the Detroit metro area I would love to partner with you. Please contact me at my email or my phone number is (313)808 1302. I also have a non-profit called making math count. Perhaps we can partner to teach youth financial literacy skills.

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