Meet Mycal Brickhouse

Mycal Brickhouse

executive pastor, Cary First Christian Church

No opportunity to make a difference is too small, and each one gives me joy.

An Introduction: I am a pastor, educator and community builder, dedicated to spreading the gospel to empower others to see God’s call for humanity to have an intimate relationship with God and to love all of creation. … (M)y ministry has been to cultivate and nurture the spiritual empowerment, social development and economic equality of the community that I am called to serve.

Inspiration: Being a part of change in my community. I’m excited about developing and implementing opportunities for families to have access to nutritious food. I’m excited about advocating for affording housing and seeing those plans approved and developed. I’m excited about sponsoring job development programs and seeing participants increase their earning potential. I’m excited about praying for and being present during an individual’s difficult life moments and seeing them survive and even thrive in the midst of them.

Proud moment: My proudest professional moment was being called to serve as the pastor of Cary First Christian Church. Serving as a pastor has given me a platform to do ministry in an engaging and relevant way.

Recent Challenge: My biggest recent challenge has been continuing to serve while journeying through my own grief. We never know what people carry, but we should be aware that we all carry something. Since November 2019, I have carried the tragic loss of my sister. In July 2020, added to that burden was the loss of my grandmother to COVID-19. Grief is not a momentary experience; it is a reorienting of life.

True fact: I’m on a mission to travel to all 50 states in the United States – so far I have traveled to 21 states.


  • Willia Robinson George says:

    Rev. Brickhouse is a chosen vessel to help mend the broken pieces of humanity. We are the beneficiaries of his work

  • Jack Mumford says:

    God bless you , man of God as you fulfill your calling. Rev. Jackie Mumford

  • James James says:

    Pastor ” GLORY TO GOD” for your Spirit led journey in Glorifying God’s Kingdom on earth in ALL you do.

  • Rev. Kevin Fleegle says:

    God will use a true heart like yours to change the world… thank you for serving!

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