Meet Marsha McLean

Marsha McLean

motivational speaker and owner, Revive Therapeutic Services

My love of the mental health field keeps me excited about continuing to help people (find) new ways to deal with stress and anxiety.

An Introduction: I am a mental health speaker and have been in the mental health industry for 10 years. I help my audience get to the heart of the matter in a short amount of time, regardless of the issue we are discussing, whether depression, anxiety or effective communication. I help them be successful.

Origin Story: I noticed that I had a knack for speaking in church. I was the church announcer and noticed I would get a positive reaction from the congregation when I read the announcements. Some people would visit the church just to hear me read the announcements!

People began to invite me to speak on mental health topics at community events, which expanded into me speaking for corporations. I partnered with Cigna to discuss mental health, substance abuse issues and work-life balance. I enjoy being able to connect with people on a large scale.

A Proud Moment: My proudest moment was being invited to partner with Cigna. They are a mental health corporation, and they take mental health very seriously.

Recent Challenge: Transforming from being in-person on a stage to being in a virtual environment, such as Zoom. It has been a challenge to make a connection with the audience, keep them engaged and receive the feedback that I am used to getting in person.

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  • Dr A Skinner-Coleman says:

    Marsha I can attest to your levels of professionalism and live for people
    Dr Skinner-Coleman

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