Meet Calin Riley

Calin Riley

president and CEO, Riley Contracting Group

I’m a very lucky guy, I have a loving family support system, a truly fantastic team, and our clients are amazing.

An Introduction: I grew up in the Triangle and in the family commercial construction business. I’m a veteran, Army Officer of the Infantry and Special Operations. I re-joined the family business here at Riley Contracting Group after my last deployment to Afghanistan.

Origin Story: I grew up in the family business, starting as a kid helping my dad build houses.

Inspiration: I love bringing in new clients and doing a fantastic job on their projects. I really love hearing the great things our clients say about us after we do what we do. Every day is different, and we have new and exciting opportunities and challenges each day at RCG.

A Proud Moment: My proudest professional moment is that this company has survived even after the sudden death of its founder, my dad in 2016. But my biggest accomplishment by far is that I have a great family, a loving and supportive wife, Amy, a fantastic son, Liam, and my amazing little girl, Jane.

True Fact: I love cooking, whether it’s smoking a prime rib on the big green egg, making coq au vin, reverse searing a nice steak, or even grilling burgers on the cast iron skillet Bobby Flay style. I really enjoy taking a few hours over the weekend to cook my family a good meal, the more complicated the better!


  • Randy Powell says:

    Calin, I am so proud of you and your accomplishments. Your Dad would be so proud of all you have achieved, and your ability to carry on his legacy at RCG. Carry on! The sky is the limit!!

  • Stephen Jones says:

    Calin Riley is a great guy just like his mother and father. I’m proud to say I’ve known them for many years.

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