Meet Brianna Williams

Brianna Williams

primary spine practitioner, AccessHealth Chiropractic Center

It is incredibly rewarding to get an athlete back in the game, help a new mom or dad pick up their child without pain, or help someone begin a more active lifestyle.

An Introduction: I am a chiropractor with a specialty designation of certified primary spine practitioner. This specialty within chiropractic and physical therapy allows me to be the primary provider for conservative treatment for spine-related disorders.

I also function as the point of contact for coordinating care for patients who need more significant evaluation and treatment like imaging, injections, and surgery. My goal is to create positive outcomes and, ultimately, resolutions for those with spine-related disorders.

Origin Story: I come from a family of medical health professionals. A career as a chiropractor intrigued me because it allows me to treat and guide patients towards recovery from spine-related disorders.

Proud Moment: I was asked to join the Spine Institute for Quality (Spine IQ) team to help improve clinical pathways for spine care. I am honored and proud to be a part of this team that is helping change the way spine care is delivered. The work is ongoing, but I feel like each week is a victory as we develop programs and tools to bring data-driven care to the public.

Greatest Challenge: My daughter, Brynlee, was born prematurely and spent six weeks in the WakeMed Raleigh NICU. Ultimately, she needed a feeding tube placed, so she could safely come home from the hospital. Like many mothers who deliver premature babies, this was an enormous mental, emotional and financial challenge for my family and me.

Fortunately, the incredible community we work and live in rallied around my family. Our network put on a benefit for our daughter, patients and friends brought us meals, and so many people supported us. Because of this, I was able to spend crucial time with her and she is thriving now!

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  • Julie Andersson says:

    Brianna, you are a beautiful, accomplished professional woman. You are an asset to your community and an accomplished caregiver!

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