Meet Nicole Case

Nicole Case

founder, Nicole Case Consulting

It’s really important to have — even if you can’t have them physically around you — a really strong support system. A group of cheerleaders around you is really important.

An Introduction: I am a career and leadership coach, personal-brand and job-search strategist, and recovering HR professional. After a decade in corporate human resources roles, partnering with top executives in tech and pharma companies, I launched my coaching business. I saw too many women struggling to break through to meaningful leadership roles or staying in toxic environments because they were afraid to start over.

Origin Story: This pandemic has really opened up people’s hearts and minds on what is most important to them. Women were coming to me a lot, wanting help, saying, “I don’t like my job, and I want to do something different,” or “I want to do something better, something that supports my skills, and I can support my family better.”

Inspiration: Just knowing that I’m helping women, not only elevate their career, but upgrade their lives. What could the world be like, if everyone went to work and loved work and felt incredibly fulfilled, and then could shut it off and come home to their families?

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