Skin Situations

What’s your skin situation?

We reached out to local pros to find out what beauty concerns they most often hear from women, and what we can do about each of them. Here are their top three tips:

1.            How to maintain youthful skin.  

“One ounce of prevention is more powerful than one pound of cure. It’s always best to be proactive against the aging processes, rather than reactive once the damage is present,” said Dawn Young, esthetics program director at Miller-Motte College in Cary and a licensed esthetician.

“Women need professional skin care treatments on a regular basis; monthly facials are recommended if there are no other concerns to be addressed. A good home care regimen is vital to maintaining a youthful appearance: A skin care regimen should include a cleanser, a potent antioxidant (Vitamin C is ideal for most skin types), a daytime moisturizer with UV protectant, and a nighttime moisturizer. Skin should be cleansed and moisturized by 9 p.m., for optimal skin health.”

Angela Barbour, assistant professor of cosmetology and esthetics at Wake Technical Community College, agrees.

“Use a home care regimen daily for your skin type that includes a cleanser with glycolic acid and/or lactic acid,” Barbour added. “These ingredients will help the appearance of fine lines and help with a daily light exfoliation. Always wear SPF 30 sunscreen, and avoid sun exposure when possible.”

2.            How to repair the damage that’s already done.

“I hear clients say, “This happened overnight,” said Young. “Whether faint crow’s feet, hyperpigmentation, or the sagging appearance of a double chin, our age and extrinsic factors will one day catch up.

“Most women think that when this day comes, they will have to consider plastic surgery or injectables such as Botox or Juvederm. The great news is that licensed estheticians now offer a plethora of treatments that can help reduce and counteract the signs of aging. Microdermabrasion, dermafiling, chemical peels, enzyme treatments and customized home care are just a few.”


“Consider receiving these treatments from a reputable school that has onsite clinics open to the public,” Young said. “This enables women — and men — to receive great skin care treatments at a fraction of the cost.”  

3.            How to avoid breakouts.

“While there are multiple reasons breakouts occur, there are a few routines that can help alleviate them in the first place,” Young said. “Foremost, our bodies need water. Proper hydration is vital to good health, but also helps the body to eliminate toxins that could present in the skin.

“Appropriate skin care is also a necessity for breakout prevention. Using skin care that properly supports the health of the skin can assist in decreasing dead skin buildup and counteracting bacterial growth within the pores.

“Also, have outlets to reduce stress. Stress impacts our hormone levels, and every woman knows what hormone chaos does to their skin. An outlet such as reading, exercise or a hobby can drastically reduce the stress we carry.” 

The Spa at Miller-Motte College, Cary 

Wake Tech Esthetics, Raleigh

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