Meet Lindsey Evans

Before joining Apex Friendship, Lindsey Evans taught social studies at Apex Middle School for nine years.  

Lindsey Evans, social studies teacher at Apex Friendship Middle School and the 2019-20 Teacher of the Year for the Wake County Public School System, will greet a new class of eighth-graders next week.

We invited the award-winning teacher to tell us a little bit about herself, the award, and how she inspires her students.

Family: Husband, Ben, sons Mason, 7, and Graham, 4

Originally from: Casar, N.C.

Lives in: Holly Springs

A new school: Every time we do something, it’s for the first time ever: the first sporting event, the first pep rally. Now that we have all of those firsts under our belt, I know that next year will be even better.

Middle school years: There’s such a stigma surrounding middle-schoolers. It is such a time of change in their lives: physical changes, emotional, social, psychological. All of these things are happening. We, as teachers, have a really cool opportunity to mold them and help them unleash all of those changes to be used in a remarkable way when they move forward.

Teaching philosophy: Relationships are No. 1. That’s what comes first every day. We start our class having kids share out good things happening in their lives. That two-minute mark of each day totally changes the dynamic of a classroom. When a kid knows that you care, they are going to do their best.

Loves: I really love the World War I through World War II era. If there was ever something to be a roller coaster in history, those few decades are certainly my favorite. I get very giddy about those.

On winning: Just to be nominated among these rock stars was already a major accomplishment. It means a whole lot that I get to represent a brand new school and an amazing group of staff members here. Now, I get to represent 11,000 other teachers. It’s so wild and bizarre. I hope I do this job justice over the next year. You feel like you have a lot of responsibility to do it right and to do it well.

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