Conniption Gin Rosé Spritz from Durham Distillery

What’s been your go-to canned alcoholic beverage when you’ve been on-the-go this summer? My bet is that for many of you, it hasn’t been beer.

Canned wines and spiked seltzers are rising significantly in their popularity. In the United States, we’re drinking less canned beer in 2019, and one of the main reasons is the rise of alternative canned options from popular brands such as Truly, White Claw and Smirnoff Ice.

However, these are fundamentally different than canned cocktails because of their base alcohol. Remember Zima? Yes, it’s the same. All of these are made from malt beverage.

Like beer, malt beverage begins with a base grain or sugar that is fermented with yeast. This base is then flavored, carbonated and canned. Malt beverage canned drinks are more readily available in North Carolina, because they can be sold in grocery and convenience stores. While they are alcoholic, it’s critical to note that they are not made with distilled alcohol — vodka, rum, gin or whiskey.

At Durham Distillery, our canned cocktails are made with our distilled alcohol – gin or cucumber-flavored vodka. We only use natural ingredients, and all of them are gluten-free. Our cocktails are not too sweet nor do they have any high fructose corn syrup. We want you to have the experience of a cocktail you’d order at a bar, with the convenience of a can.

Last summer, we launched our first two canned cocktails, Conniption Gin & Tonic and Cucumber Vodka Soda, and they are available at many ABC stores across the Triangle.

Now, we are introducing the third flavor in our series: Conniption Gin Rosé Spritz.

Taking inspiration from fruit-forward spritzes in Europe and the popularity of rosé wine, our Conniption Rose Spritz is made with Conniption American Dry Gin, rosé and petite sirah wines, simple syrup, natural strawberry and lemon flavors, and bright, bubbly club soda.

It is all precisely blended for you to take poolside, beachside or tailgating for your favorite team. Perfect for when you’re feeling festive, not fussy.

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