Best Middle School Principal

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Principal Trent Evans of Reedy Creek Middle in Cary is the winner of new Maggy title Best Middle School Principal. It’s his second year in the job, after serving as Reedy Creek Elementary principal from 2007-13.

Favorite school lunch item: Barbecue sandwich. “Add a little slaw with some hot sauce and I am set!”

Best part of the job: “I enjoy the academics, arts and athletics. We have talented students in all three areas; therefore, I have the opportunity to see them flourish across multiple spectrums.”

Favorite school subject: “As a student, it was always math. As a teacher, I enjoyed teaching the writing process, reading historical fiction, and discussing U.S. history. Notice I didn’t mention science. Just saying.”

Most important thing children learn in middle school: “Beyond academics, the most important part of growing up is learning how to be responsible and taking responsibility for decisions you make. Having come from an elementary background, I have enjoyed mentoring and coaching students at the middle school level in this area. As I often tell students, ‘Make decisions that afford you the most options later in life.’”

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