Best Home Service

Mike, Mike and Brad, along with the rest of the staff, have never met a job they couldn’t handle!

“Got Water?” is the unofficial motto of Cary Plumbing, first-time winner of the Maggy Award for Best Home Service. The company has been keeping the water flowing both in and out of homes across the Cary area for more than 30 years now, with 24/7 emergency service and GPS-based scheduling.

Most common service requests: Water heaters (100-plus installed each month!); toilets; and in winter, broken pipes

Most unusual job: Removing a squirrel stuck in the toilet. The critter had fallen into the sewer vent on the roof, and it became lodged in the pipes when it tried to climb out.

Most heroic: Retrieving wedding rings from the drain trap

Busiest time: Thanksgiving week. All that cooking leads to clogged drains and disposals!

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