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Anna Grace FitzGerald, owner of Copperline Plant Company, works with clients all over the Triangle to ensure their plants remain happy and healthy when they’re away.

As a proud planet parent, can you really trust your neighbor to properly care for your fiddle-leaf fig or your pinstripe calathea when you go out of town? Leaving your prized plants in the care of someone who can’t be trusted with a succulent can take a toll on your peace of mind when you’re trying to enjoy a much-needed vacation, but a new solution is on the rise — plant-sitting and plant-boarding services!

Copperline Plant Company was founded in 2021 by Anna Grace FitzGerald, a Raleigh native who completed her master’s degree in landscape architecture at NC State. Following grad school, FitzGerald nearly tripled her plant collection in an effort to bring the outside in.

“I had no outdoor space to call my own, but I had an abundance of windows,” said FitzGerald. “What else was I supposed to do but create my own oasis?”

With access to personal outdoor space becoming more limited in the Triangle, the demand for indoor plants and plant care has gone through the roof. One service offered by Copperline Plant Company is called Sleep Away Camp — think of it as a summer camp for your plant children! For $25, FitzGerald will give room and board to up to three of your favorite plant babies ($30/week for 4+).

“The ‘sleep-away’ camp idea came to me after conversations with friends who were going out of town and were nervous about leaving their plants unattended,” said FitzGerald. “When you’re dealing with cuttings and newly propagated plants, it is important to keep a close eye on them. I offered to take them under my wing while they were away, and the rest is history!”

If you have a particularly large collection of plants, or just large plants that are hard to move, Copperline will come to your home in their handy-dandy plant mobile as part of their Plant-Sitter Extraordinaire service!

“I work with my clients to ensure their plants remain happy and healthy while they’re away,” said FitzGerald. “No one wants to come home from a three-week vacation to a house full of dead leaves!”

“In addition to the plant-sitting-type services, I also offer consultations. The House Plant House Call is one of my most popular services to date! When you schedule a house call, you get an hour of my time to ask questions, show me your problems, talk about design and troubleshoot your plant concerns. I offer this service in person or via video call and provide a comprehensive summary so you have all of the tools you need to move forward.”

FitzGerald has heard her fair share of stories from customers who are ready to give up their green thumbs after failing to keep their plants alive. Copperline Plant Company exists to provide helpful tips, education, proper plant care and a renewed sense of excitement for anyone looking to add plants to their life. FitzGerald believes that everyone has a green thumb — it’s just a matter of finding the right plant.

“I created Copperline Plant Company to keep this excitement alive and to serve as a help desk of sorts. I meet people at markets and online every day, and I am able to help them troubleshoot their problems and select the right plants that will thrive in their home,” said FitzGerald. “I am still inspired by these sorts of interactions. I feel so proud when I get a message on Instagram that says, ‘Hey, I took your advice, and my plant is doing so much better!’”

Copperline Plant Company is in the process of opening up a brick-and-mortar location in Raleigh where they will provide classes, events and other services for the Triangle area. Stay tuned and follow them on social media for important updates.


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