Liquid Assets: Cary Gold from Bond Brothers Beer Company

Gold has been an essential part of North Carolina’s history. It stems back to 1799, when gold was first discovered in the United States — and continued for almost 50 years until it was rediscovered in California foothills.

But for many of us in the Triangle, Cary is the newfound site for discovering gold — Cary Gold! Capturing the nostalgia of an all-premium American lager, Bond Brothers Beer Company, a staple of Cary since 2016, has crafted this Au-some light beer.

“There’s a quality to Cary Gold that you won’t find in other lagers,” said the brewery’s brewmaster and co-founder, Whit Baker. “Specifically because this beer is water backed — or high gravity brewed.”

Cary Gold, which is a take on a macro brewed beer, but done locally, doubles the gravity of the beer before diluting it to its current 4.8 percent alcohol. What that means for the consumer is a great-tasting beer that drinks like a beer and contains no corn or rice.

Cary Gold has been everything in past iterations — from a Belgian to a cream ale — but this new version pouring fresh from the taps at Bond Brothers is here to remain. “We’ve made several iterations of Cary Gold throughout the years, but this is the one we will be sticking with,” Baker stated.

According to Baker, it’s the answer to the question, “What is the lightest thing you have on tap?” with staying local and not giving your hard-earned dollars to those macro-owned conglomerates.

And you won’t be finding this version of Cary Gold in cans at your local shop. Bond Brother’s hopes, for now, to keep this beer running fresh through taps around Cary and the Triangle.

“I would love this to be the beer of Cary,” says Baker.

We agree. Thanks a bullion!

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