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Mothers and daughters show that true beauty is timeless

Warm weather is upon us, and with it comes the shift from winter wools to spring’s fresh fashions. But Mother Nature’s seasons aren’t the only ones changing. As we evolve through the seasons of our lives, our perspectives on beauty and style shift with new experiences and growing confidence. Adorned in spring’s best trends, Western Wake’s fabulous moms and daughters share discoveries from their own journeys toward true beauty.

Donna Hankin, with daughters Karly and Jen


“As the girls have found their style, they’ve really helped me stay young. As a mom, very often you focus so much on your family — and not on yourself — that you can get kind of old-fashioned and stuck. The girls … continue to force me to step outside my comfort zone. You can be any age and still be fashionable.”

Printed boatneck dress, $158
Dolman-sleeved cropped cardigan, $158


“What you wear and your personal style say a lot about who you are without saying anything. It’s an instant language that allows someone to connect with you.”

Jumpsuit, $162
Jean jacket, $160


“Style comes from within. It’s not only about what you wear, it’s about how you feel from the inside. When you do put an outfit together and add the little details, it shows that you care about every little part of yourself.”

Rattle Rock tunic, $126
Skinny ankle crop denim, $140

Clothing available at Peachy Keen
Jewelry available at Joint Venture Jewelry
*The Hankin family owns Joint Venture Jewelry and Peachy Keen boutiques.

Hair styling by Reina Lawrence, Tess McSwain and Emily Sultzbach
Makeup by Kris Bright of Artisan Hair

Divya Thomas with daughter Riya


“Style is a very personal thing. You have to be true to yourself and absolutely unapologetic for any criticism you may get. Until you give it a shot, you will never know what’s good for you.”

Navy stripe bell-sleeve dress, $45
Available at Pink Magnolia
Necklaces, her own collection

Riya, 18

“Watching my mom have her own style really influenced certain aspects of how I wanted to shape my own. Having similarities and differences really shaped us in different ways.”

Striped collared shirtdress, $92
Available at Scout and Molly’s

Divya Thomas with daughter Riya


“Age is just a number. When people say, ‘This is age inappropriate,’ I don’t agree. If you are confident enough and you can wear it well — you can live to be 100 and still look fabulous. I think you have to have fun with style irrespective of how old you are.”

Jeans, $68
Navy fringe shirt, $39
Available at Pink Magnolia


“We get a lot of our inspiration from travelling. I recently went on a trip to Nepal. Seeing how they dress made me want to assimilate that style.”

Flutter-sleeve T-shirt, $48
Cropped jeans, $121
Available at Scout and Molly’s
Necklaces, her own collection

Hair styling by Kat Harrison, makeup by Angela Sladeczek of Parlor Blow Dry Bar Cary.

Erika Stewart with daughter Zoee


“It was always my hope that the dominant images in mainstream media didn’t make Zoee feel like she didn’t measure up or make her want to change how she looked. Watching her now makes me so proud, because I think she feels confident and pretty just being her unique self!”

Criss Cross crocodile print dress, $144
Earrings, her own collection

Zoee, 12

“You can notice someone’s style by watching the way they act.”

Criss Cross crocodile print dress, $144
Earrings, her own collection

Erika Stewart with daughter Zoee


“Zoee reinforces the truth that beauty is not only skin deep. Zoee is beautiful, but it’s not just her eyes, her smile, her skin and her hair. What makes her most beautiful, to me, is her incredible heart and her selfless love for others.”

Tassel-sleeve striped
dress, $110
Earrings, her own collection


“My mom is the most beautiful when she is feeling confident.”

Floral romper, $158
Available at Peachy Keen

Lauren Connelly with daughter Cailyn


“So much about how beautiful a woman is is a result of how she conducts herself — her manners, grace and poise. I always tell my daughters to be polite, dignified, pleasant and respectful. In regard to outer beauty, I’m a big believer in self-care. Take good care of yourself, and it shows in your outward appearance.”

Black tuxedo pant, $59
Mock turtleneck beaded shirt, $44

Cailyn, 16

“You can let social media influence you, but don’t let it influence you too much. Don’t think you have to look a certain way, because girls on social media don’t really look that way either. Let beauty be art.”

Black crochet romper, $62
Available at Autumn and Avery

Lauren Connelly with daughter Cailyn


“My teenager unapologetically owns her style. She wears it confidently and takes fashion risks all the time. I respect that and have started to do that myself. Almost anything you wear with confidence can look amazing.”

Black tuxedo pant, $59
Blush button-sleeve
shirt, $42
Necklace, $58
Bracelet stack, $78


Blush eyelet dress, $76
Pink crystal necklace, $74
Bracelet stack, $78
Available at Autumn and Avery

Hair styling by Kat Harrison, makeup by Angela Sladeczek of Parlor Blow Dry Bar Cary.

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