On Trend: Vintage Jewelry

In case you haven’t noticed, secondhand shopping is a global phenomenon with no signs of slowing down, and the jewelry industry is no exception. Younger generations in particular are turning up their nose at brand-new pieces in favor of the glamour of antique jewelry — a sustainable trend that we can get behind, particularly during Earth Month.

As conscious consumerism continues to define the decade, Joint Venture Jewelry — a family-owned consignment jewelry store in Cary — continues to show off their unique collection of vintage and one-of-a-kind treasures.

“Established in 1998, we have been providing one-on-one premium customer service to Cary and surrounding areas for more than 20 years,” said Jen Hankin, director of communication at Joint Venture. “In the past two decades, we’ve carried consignment, preowned jewelry from more than 5,000 individuals, dealers, and manufacturers. Because we receive new-to-us pieces every single day, our collection is ever-changing! Each time you visit, you’ll have a new and different selection of fine estate jewelry pieces to choose from.”

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a loved one, buying jewelry secondhand is simply kinder to our planet. Recycling and repurposing jewelry whenever possible helps offset the many negative impacts of the jewelry industry — including land erosion, loss of biodiversity, leakage of harmful chemicals into the environment, and much more.

“What better way to go ‘green’ than by finding a new home for a previously used piece of jewelry? We’re here to extend the life of jewelry that no longer suits you. Our custom design and heirloom solutions also enable us to bring new life to old, dated, and unwanted styles,” said Hankin.

“You can’t beat the value of purchasing preowned, estate, and vintage jewelry. Our consignment model enables us to bring you fine jewelry at prices 30-50% less than your traditional jewelry store. Like buying a certified preowned car, the original owner absorbs the depreciation. But unlike a car, there are no miles on jewelry! Everything you buy from Joint Venture Jewelry can be worn, loved, and enjoyed for generations. Plus, we’re here to do the repairs and checkups for the lifetime of your purchase.”


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