The 3-Hour Makeover

Welcome to a Cary Magazine first: The Senior Makeover!

Reader Carol Ochs of Cary answered our call for a 60-plus makeover model, in celebration of her May birthday. An oncology patient coordinator who enjoys knitting, stamping, reading and Lulu, her beagle-lab mix, Carol has lived all over the U.S., but for the past 11 years has enjoyed making Cary home.

“It’s springtime, and I need a change,” Carol told us. “My under-eye circles drive me crazy. Nothing I’ve tried has worked; it’s either cakey or it doesn’t cover. My hair is short and I like it that way, but it could use something to bring it to life. I’m open to suggestions!”

Enter our experts, Amanda Kimball and Linsey Devenow of Cary salon Twisted Scizzors, who invited Carol in for three hours of personal attention.

9 a.m.: The Consultation

“Carol’s hair is very fine, soft and healthy, but with some coarse gray. That mix can be a styling struggle,” Amanda said. She selects two warm blonde shades to give Carol’s hair brightness and depth, and make it appear thicker.

9:20 a.m.: The Color

Alternating the two shades in applying Carol’s hair color, Amanda uses a fine brush to hand-paint color onto wispy side areas. After the color sets, she washes Carol’s hair using color-safe volumizing shampoo and conditioner free of sulfates, parabens and gluten.

“Carol needs lift and a more textured look, so her hair doesn’t appear soft and limp,” she explained, adding that products containing UVA protectants help save hair color from sun damage.  

10:25 a.m.: The Style

Because Carol is halfway between her every eight-week haircut routine, Amanda simply shapes her wet hair using shears and razor. Volumizing spray mousse, applied directly to roots and massaged in, is complemented by a separate blow dry mousse, emulsified in Amanda’s palms and worked into hair ends.

Amanda blow dries Carol’s hair using a concentrator attachment to direct air flow; she feathers the sides of hair toward Carol’s cheekbones, to enhance them, and a small round brush creates overall lift. Lastly, Amanda uses a 1-inch curling iron to make “texture bends,” rather than curls.

10:45 a.m.: The Makeup

Carol notes that her skin is losing tone as it ages. Linsey recommends a light layer of moisturizing tightening gel.

“Moisture is key,” said Linsey. “Use an eye cream, and try mineral oil to hydrate skin and keep its shine. Loss of shine — for skin and hair — is the first step to looking older. And make sure all of your skin care and makeup products contain sunscreen.”

Linsey applies, in this order, a tone correcting cream that serves as a primer to keep makeup from creasing and help it last; a liquid concealer in neutral to the full face; and foundation.

Contouring is next, to “minimize features we don’t want and accentuates ones we do,” Linsey said. Adding shadow to the jawline has a slimming effect, and blush highlights cheekbones. After powder, a perfecting veil evens out the look.

For a daytime look on Carol’s eyes, Linsey uses cream primer on the full lid to hold the powder shadows: light all over the lid for a matte finish, mauve on the lower lid, and brown-beige in the crease.

“We open up the eyes by lining the outer corners only with a gel liner, using a thin brush to apply,” Linsey said. A priming conditioner to strengthen Carol’s lashes is followed by volumizing mascara and an under-brow highlighter shade.

On Carol’s lips, Linsey applies primer, a clear lip liner to enhance their shape, and lip color. Makeup setting spray completes the process.

11:25 a.m.: Finishing Touches

Carol chooses a hair spray that allows movement instead of a stiffer spray, which Amanda follows with a mist of shine spray made with chamomile, honey and quinoa, for shine, seal and softness.

11:30 a.m.: The Reveal

All of us agree that Carol’s look is brighter and younger now. But will she?

With a spin of the salon chair, Carol finally faces the mirror. She leans in, turning her head from side to side, to examine her new look close up. Finally, she smiles.

“Oh my gosh,” she breathes. “This is amazing! It feels good.

Thank you so much.”


HAIR: Consider skin tone when choosing color.

SKIN: Hydration is key! Try mineral oil for the face, and use eye cream.

EYES: Cream shadows sink in and make creases more noticeable. Use a cream primer, and powder shadows.

HAIR: Use color-safe shampoo and conditioner with UVA protection against fade, that’s free of sulfates, paraben and gluten.

SKIN: All of your skin care and makeup products should contain SPF.

EYES: Gel liner, applied to outer corners, opens up the eyes. For more drama, draw a thicker line.

SHORTCUT: For everyday wear, use just primer cream, followed by powder blush for color.

Editor's note: Twisted Scizzors has earned the Cary Magazine readers' choice Maggy Award for Best Hair Salon in Western Wake each year since 2013.

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