On Trend: Olympic Games, Home Edition

On your marks ...

With the excitement building for the Summer Olympics in Paris, create your own at-home edition to immerse your family in the thrill of competition. Let’s unite in cheering on Team USA!

Parade of Nations: Line up and unleash your dance grooves and wildest moves, from cartwheels to karate kicks. Wave those imaginary flags high, and let the backyard be your stage.

Pool Noodle Javelin: Grab those pool noodles, and snip ’em in half to make a tossable (and safe) javelin! Launch the noodles for max distance, or aim for Hula-Hoop targets or a bull’s-eye bowl.

Leapin’ Long Jump: Measure your hops from a marked spot on the ground to see who can soar the farthest! No sand pits are required, just a lot of jumpin’ spirit.

Hoops Showdown: It’s time to ball! Whether you’ve got a hoop or a bucket, sink as many shots as you can in 30 seconds flat.

Flying Saucer: Grab your Frisbees and prepare to fling them across the backyard in this epic discus throw challenge to see who can launch their disc the farthest!

Blade and Bout: Equip yourself with a trusty sword (aka pool noodle). Gracefully glide across the battlefield, dodging attacks and seeking out the perfect opportunity to strike your opponent. 

Triathlon Trifecta: Wrap football, basketball, and soccer into one epic event. Toss footballs through hoops, slam-dunk balls into laundry baskets, and kick goals through standing Hula-Hoops in a whirlwind of athletic prowess. 

For the closing ceremony, bid farewell with flair. Make medals from cardboard painted in gold, silver, and bronze, then add ribbons. Head to the podium (aka stairs) and cement your place in the Hall of Fun!

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