Liquid Assets: Mort’s Trophy Lager from Trophy Brewing Co.

The wonderful thing about craft beer is the amazing variety that is available. Breweries continually strive to push the envelope of flavor, not only as a brewing challenge, but also because people want new and different. It’s not just about beer, of course. Whether it’s distilled spirits, food, cereals, cars, etc. — variety sells! One of the cool choices in craft beer is to experience the true-to-style beers. To some, it’s a brand new beer experience!

Now, there’s all this talk about “beer snobbery” where it’s frowned upon to have a beer that has anything but the four main ingredients in it — hops, yeast, grain and water. As a flavor fan, I’m excited when a beer comes out with fruits, nuts and other wild additives, but I’m just as excited when I get my hands on a true-to-style beer. It’s actually a talent to brew a beer that doesn’t hide behind extra additives, because there are plenty of off-flavors that can occur.

Trophy Brewing offers a beautiful beer called Mort’s Trophy Lager. The name, which comes from an old trophy shop in downtown Raleigh called Mort’s Trophy & Awards, sounds like an old-time name that is familiar and iconic. The beer is a classic lager that is crisp, clean and offers a nice, light, honey-like flavor. Coming in at 4.8% ABV, it’s easy drinking and so welcoming after coming in from the heat. Another perk — lagers pair exceptionally well with food. Enjoy it with shellfish, light seafood, chicken or pork. Plus, it’s a lighter beer, so it won’t fill you up or overtake your meal. Sip and enjoy!

Trophy Brewing’s original location, at 827 W. Morgan St. in Raleigh, just went through a big expansion to offer more sour and farmhouse beers, more pizza and a bigger patio. Their other location, at 656 Maywood Ave. in Raleigh, offers a comfortable taproom, big outdoor space and a great view of their brewery.

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