April, 2016


Warming Trends

What’s hot this season? You are, in these spring-to-summer fashions! We went to the pros to scout the latest in trends, scope out the…

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Make Room for Chickens

While hens happily scratching for bugs and worms in a downtown yard will elicit wide-eyed stares from passing motorists, the sight may become more…

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March … and Fly

Caroline Garber was born in December 2013, 15 weeks before her due date, and weighing only 1 pound, 12 ounces. Today, thanks to the…

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Pretty & Practical

Want it all when it comes to home features — pretty AND practical? You can have it! Check out the latest in green building…

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Live On Stage

Talent abounds in Western Wake, as proven by this week’s on-stage calendar.   From local performers to one-night-only guests offering drama, comedy music and…

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Taking on Alzheimers

Laura Gaddis’ mother hid cookies inside her pillowcase, like a child in an adult body. She would allow Gaddis to rub lotion only on…

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Make Your Move

Professionals provide guidance and help with downsizing, relocating Kim Martin dodged movers and boxes to get to her blue leather easy chair, already sitting…

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We Love! May 2016

1. Get the message Graphic T-shirts and onesies from Cary-based Flyin’ Dandelion let your little one show some homegrown pride. Custom print shirts are…

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To Market, To Market

Local farmers’ markets offer spring fixin’s Ah,a juicy strawberry, and the snap of a green bean. The edible wonders of spring are at our…

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