On Trend: Writing Letters

Dear Friend,

While it’s always nice to receive an email or text from you, I’ve enjoyed the handwritten letters you’ve been sending lately. The crisp envelope waiting in the mailbox is always a nice surprise!

I enjoy your little stories — the hilarious search for toilet tissue and the frustration at teaching your children at home. Your written descriptions will be vital for future historians, studying how ordinary people reacted during the pandemic. Maybe that’s why it seems like everyone I know is writing letters? You’ve told me that you’ve had more time, fewer distractions with no places to go. But isn’t it fun to send letters?

A professor at Kent State University, Steve Toepfer, found that those who wrote thoughtful letters of gratitude were happier than those who didn’t. “The more letter-writing people did, the more they improved significantly on happiness and life satisfaction,” he wrote in 2011.

Whatever the reason, I hope you will continue to write even after this pandemic ends. Your letters always make me feel special and let me know that you value our friendship.


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