On Trend: Strength Training

Let's Conquer 2024

This exercise is like a superhero move, hitting your core, shoulders, upper and lower body all at once. It’s the ultimate multitasker exercise workout that’ll leave you feeling like a fitness rockstar!

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fitness enthusiast, Core Results personal training will match your fitness level.

Strength Training has a deep-rooted history, and it continues to be a prevailing trend in 2024! This year is all about self-care from the inside out. Strength and high self-worth are IN! As the calendar turns to 2024, so do our aspirations, dreams, and fitness endeavors!

With several strength training modalities to choose from, boredom takes a back seat! There’s always a challenge waiting for you: bodyweight training, resistance bands, functional strength, isometric, plyometric, and more! Whether you hit the gym, have a personal trainer, download an app, or enroll at a boutique studio, building muscles will help you discover the healthiest and strongest YOU. Take the time to strengthen your body and mental health, reduce your stress, and improve your daily function, mood, and metabolism. May this year be full of wellness!

“Strength training can benefit everyone at every age throughout their lives. Some of the most important benefits include: lowering risk of injury, increasing strength of muscles and bones, decreasing risk of falling, boosting mood and reducing anxiety, helping to manage blood sugar, and also decreasing stubborn abdominal fat,” said Aaron Hornstra, owner of Core Results Personal Training.

Aaron provided us with five strength training tips to start the new year right!

Adding a medicine ball to the classic plank spices things up by cranking the difficulty dial to the max!

  1. Proper warmup is key in order to increase core body temperature and get blood flow to the working muscles. By gradually preparing your body to work, you will in turn decrease your risk of injury. The warmup is also a great time to work on dynamic flexibility and mobility (stretches with movement with the intent of increasing range of motion).
  2. Focus on proper technique to maximize working the intended muscle groups and decrease risk of injury.
  3. Make sure you’re always keeping progression in mind. The goal is to get stronger, so if an exercise begins to get easier, increase the load.
  4. Slow and controlled is the best way to keep the muscles under tension, which results in maximum adaptations and gains.
  5. Focus on the muscle groups you are intending to train. The body is smart and will constantly try to compensate, especially when working weaker muscles. The strong muscles try to take over and do the work. Being mindful creates a mind-body connection and helps stimulate the targeted muscles.

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