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Peak City CBD owner Matt Weschler explains how CBD oil is extracted from hemp at his Holly Springs lab.

Peak City CBD was founded by organic chemist Matt Weschler. After working in the electron microscopy industry for over 20 years, he thought it was time for a new challenge.

Intrigued after hearing real-life stories from people who benefited from CBD, Weschler thought there would be demand for an organic, high-quality product that was processed from locally grown hemp.

Moisturizing creams with CBD added and CBD oils are popular products.

CBD is one of 113 cannabinoids that can be found in cannabis and hemp plants. While the research on CBD and its benefits are in the early stages, many users report that the incorporation of products containing CBD into their life has helped them.

Fans of CBD use it to treat anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia and depression, according to a survey conducted by the Brightfield Group, a cannabis market research firm. A major piece of the product’s appeal is that consumers can reap the benefits without the high.

After the hemp is processed, the oil is collected and chilled in a below-zero freezer to further refine the product.

“We decided to get more involved in helping people and pets! We wanted to help bring something good to the booming, healthful CBD industry,” Weschler said. “We are proud to know the entire history of our CBD, from the seed to the finished product.”

He soon established Peak City CBD, a family-owned business based in Apex. Its labs are in Holly Springs, and its CBD is extracted from organic hemp grown by a local farmer.

Peak City CBD uses a carbon dioxide extraction process to isolate the beneficial compounds.

Peak City sells CBD in a variety of forms to be used for different reasons. CBD creams can be used to address inflammation and pain in specific areas of the body. For whole body effects, CBD oil can be swallowed alone or added to food or beverages.

Regardless of the product, Peak City CBD takes pride in offering “the best CBD oil for sale on the market.”

Peak City CBD
501 W. Williams St., Suite 1222, Apex
(833) CBD-5253

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