On Trend: DIY Movie Night Snack Board with Tips from Raleigh Cheesy

Whether you love rom coms, action-packed adventures, or scary stories, nothing beats an old-fashioned movie night. The key to making your next movie marathon a hit? Load up the snacks, like this bountiful snack board created by local maker, Courtney Bowman, owner of Raleigh Cheesy. While this fun board is not available for order, Bowman offers a few tips for creating your own.

  1. Incorporate salty and sweet. According to Bowman, the combination of flavors is essential for your board. “Pick some of your favorite sweet treats and some of your favorite salty treats, whether that’s Cheetos and popcorn, or Raisinets and Dunk-a-roos!”
  2. Find an unusual dip. Finding a sweet dip for your cookies gives your board layers, both in looks and flavors. “It introduces a unique element for a movie night in,” Bowman said. She recommends the sweet Cannoli Chip and Dip Tray from Wegmans.
  3. Use what you have available. If you’re looking to make a Pinterest-worthy snack board, but find you’re lacking the proper utensils, Bowman encourages creativity with what you have at home.

    “Even if you don’t have a fancy wooden board, a baking sheet or a plastic platter should work fine.” (But if you’re looking for a pretty board, Bowman has a great selection available for purchase at her Apex location.)

  4. Don’t be afraid of letting your ingredients touch. “Part of the beauty of boards is making them look very plentiful. That means letting your ingredients fill in every space on the board,” said Bowman. In other words, load up the ingredients and get ready to snack!
  5. Bring in the nostalgia. When you’re building your board, have fun with snacks that bring back fun memories. “Pick a candy from your childhood that you love,” said Bowman. Her favorites? Butterfingers and Whoppers would be must-haves for Bowman’s movie night board.

This movie snack board isn’t on her menu, but Bowman has a tasty selection of cheese boards and snack boxes available for order at Raleigh Cheesy.

Raleigh Cheesy
1460 Chapel Ridge Road, Suite 170, Apex

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