Trippin’ Chicken Crosses the Road to Victory

Morrisville’s Peppers Market & Sandwich Shop was abuzz with excitement on July 31, as a panel of five judges culminated the eatery’s “Peppers Cup 2010: The Great Sandwich Showdown.” The contest, which began June 29, allowed patrons to design and name their own custom sandwiches.

“We wanted to create something unique that would involve the community,” said Janet Mobley, spokeswoman for Peppers. “It was meant to be a fun, interactive experience with a competitive element built in.”

After receiving more than 125 entries, the restaurant’s staff narrowed those down to 10 based on taste and originality. These sandwiches then battled it out for a week and a half on a special contest menu. Ultimately, the judges sampled the top three sandwiches and selected the winner based on taste, originality, presentation and overall “awesomeness.”

The victorious sandwich chosen by unanimous vote was “Trippin’ Chicken,” designed by Katie Quinn, of Raleigh. This succulent, hot-served creation features grilled chicken and marinated portabella mushrooms with fresh basil pesto and lightly roasted garlic sauces, topped off with sundried tomatoes, avocado, roasted red peppers, spinach, goat and Swiss cheeses.

Quinn received $250 in gifts and prizes for capturing first place. Moreover, her sandwich will now be permanently added to the Peppers menu.

So, how did Quinn determine the ingredients for her creation? “It’s stuff I can’t cook at home because my husband doesn’t like most of it,” the N.Y. native said with a laugh. “I’m glad people like the sandwich and will be able to order it from now on.”

The panel of judges included Morrisville Mayor Jackie Holcombe; Bob Passarelli, a four-star chef for U.S. Foodservice; Chris Newport, registered dietitian/certified nutritionist with Endurance NEWtrition; Brian R. Smith, property manager of Grace Park; and David McCreary, food writer for Cary Magazine.

Peppers Market & Sandwich Shop
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