Small Business Spotlight: Proverbs Bakery

With an entrepreneurial spirit, Chanita Carter launched Proverbs Bakery two years ago as the result of a lifetime of baking. 

Making scrumptious desserts out of her Cary home, Carter caters all over the state. 

Proverbs specializes in cakes, cupcakes, pies and other treats including chocolate-covered strawberries and pretzels. 

“Baking isn’t exactly self-care, but in the moment it is, because I’m focusing on perfecting my craft and going into my own world,” Carter said. 

Chanita Carter owns Proverbs Bakery.

Carter spoke with us about her passion, inspiration and business goals. 

What is the story behind the name Proverbs Bakery?

I am a Christian, and growing up, I learned about the woman of Proverbs 31. …When you look at that woman, she was many things which I look up to. She wasn’t just good with her hands, she was also able to assess land and real estate, and she was able to take care of her home. She was a businesswoman, but also a superwoman — like the modern-day woman. She did a lot, and she brought in wealth for her family in doing so. 

The idea is to create something that my children’s children will be able to benefit from. I want to be that woman who provides for her home but also for generations to come. 

What inspired you to sell merchandise with biblical verses printed on the clothing? 

After just going through different trials myself, there were different phrases that came to mind after just praying, or just going through the day. It was very inspiring to me, and then I realized that it could inspire others.

For instance, one of the sweatshirt and T-shirts sold are printed with the hashtag: #IGotProblems. I said that because I’ve made different mistakes in my life. Then, there are consequences that come with it. 

The idea behind it is, “Yes, you have issues,” but if you stay focused and keep believing, it could be completely different in the future. I kept believing and now my problems are different. I have so much happening. 

How do you find inspiration for the different flavors of cakes and sweet treats? 

Sometimes it’s just going out and trying other things from other places. And yes, I watch YouTube sometimes. For example, I had mastered one recipe and I wondered how it would come out if I threw another flavor in. 

What are your goals for the business?

I definitely would like to have an actual storefront; that is a big goal. 

The goal is to be able to do more weddings and birthday orders. I envision having a place where I could teach classes, not just on baking and cake decorating. Like I said before, the whole concept is to embody the woman in Proverbs. Not only would they be able to learn skills as far as baking, but also financial skills, skills that could help them for their future. 

Employing the youth would be great because I got this idea from my youth. Starting with the younger generation gives them a possible brighter future if they have you to correct them and lead them. 

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