Rebecca’s Grill

12638 N.C. 42, Holly Springs • (919) 557-3822

Situated inside the bustling Duncan Junction country store, a place that sells gasoline, fishing bait and cold beer, Rebecca’s Grill is a no-frills haven for anyone in search of a quality hot meal.

Tables covered with classic red-checked vinyl gingham and booths fill the dining area. Vintage tin signs prettify the walls. The faint clinking of video poker machines wafts in the backdrop.

Several overalls-laden codgers sip tea and coffee from foam cups, carrying on as if they don’t have a care in the world. The only thing missing is a checker board.

Orders are taken at the counter, but experienced female servers take over from there. Tea is poured from a simple plastic pitcher, always with a courteous smile.

Rebecca’s Grill is situated inside the Duncan Junction country store.

Among the hearty entrees available here are fork-tender barbecue pork ribs, country-style steak, meatloaf and — on Fridays — fried seafood. Side items such as steamed cabbage, black-eyed peas, squash and mac and cheese are all reliable stocks-in-trade.

Genteel proprietor Edward King, who grew up in nearby Garner, named the establishment after his now college-aged daughter.

“She still works here occasionally, but I’ve been in the restaurant business all my life,” King said. His cooking is so well-regarded that he stays busy catering events for churches and local businesses, never mind numerous pig pickin’s.

As early as 5 a.m., customers arrive to get their fill of eggs, grits, hash browns, pancakes and other breakfast fare.

“We get our country ham from Stevens Sausage Company out of Smithfield,” said King.

Rebecca’s Grill is open for breakfast and lunch Monday through Saturday. Cash and major credit cards are accepted.

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