Liquid Assets: Vitruvius IPA from Craftboro Brewing Depot

This month we are going to explore an IPA. Why? Well, bunnies are a sign of spring, and what do bunnies do? Hop! Why not check out the beer style that equates to hoppiness?

One of the big quandaries with this style is the instant reaction when someone recommends an IPA — “I don’t like hoppy beers!” But what does “hoppy” really mean?

Hoppy is a misunderstood and misused term, as many think it refers just to bitterness. The truth is hops provide amazing flavors and aromas like citrus, pineapple, pine and floral notes — along with the bitterness. You may see the term IBU — International Bittering Units scale. For the most part, the higher the number, the more bitter the beer may be. A lot of factors can skew that scale, so take the number as a guideline. A well-balanced IPA will have a lot of hoppy flavor and aroma, but the bitterness will be soft. All beers contain hops, but it’s the balance, or imbalance, between the hops and the malt that affect the flavor experience.

Craftboro Brewing Depot’s flagship beer, Vitruvius IPA, is a brew with an abundance of wonderful aroma and flavor. Brewed with Simcoe, Centennial and Columbus hops, the aroma is very citrusy. It offers a nice, light flavor that leans a little towards lemon or grapefruit, and it does have some bitterness, as I would expect from a nice IPA. It’s beautifully golden-colored and exceptionally clear.

A new brewery in the Triangle, Craftboro Brewing Depot is located at 101 Two Hills Drive, Unit 180, in Carrboro. The taproom has 10 beers on draft and also offers cider and wine. If you like beer to go, a bottle shop with an emphasis on local craft beers is also on site.

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