Liquid Assets: Pasqua Rosee Historic London Porter from Vecino Brewing

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a taste of the past? How about a pint of it?

It would be a bit difficult to get a true, firsthand assessment of a beer that was brewed back in 1830. Luckily, breweries are exploring recipes from past centuries, utilizing today’s techniques and ingredients to recreate beer based on tasting notes from way back when.

Vecino Brewing in Chapel Hill brewed Pasqua Rosee historic London porter from a recipe dating to 1800. Today’s porters are dark brown to black, but this one is a deep ruby color. The malt that brewers use today to darken beer wasn’t invented when this recipe was created, and another darker malt wasn’t even legal to use. It has a wonderful coffee aroma (courtesy of the malt) that carries lightly into the flavor, along with biscuit and dark chocolate, yet it’s so incredibly smooth.

A beer like this is screaming to be paired with something savory. Vecino Brewing has Braised Beef Sliders that melt in your mouth. Take a bite and then follow it with a sip of the porter. Let it swirl in your mouth. The beef is going to blend so well, and then the caramelized onions and smoked gouda are the one-two punch to palate euphoria. Let’s not end it there, because I love a beer like this with something REALLY cheesy. They have a grilled cheese sandwich with Ashe County hoop cheese on sourdough bread that complement each other so well that you’re going to want to nibble and sip to make the experience last longer.

Vecino Brewing is a brewery and restaurant located in the heart of Carrboro at 300 E. Main St. They offer a wide variety of their own beers as well as rotating guest brews.

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