Liquid Assets: Mango Tango Foxtrot from Deep River Brewing

India Pale Ales (IPAs) are a rather diverse beer bunch. It’s the most popular style with craft beer enthusiasts, and there are so many different varieties, appealing to all palates. Some people dismiss IPAs right off the bat — they don’t want to try them. The one thing to remember with craft beer is, it’s not a matter of dislike, it’s that you haven’t found the right one — yet!

The variety of IPAs is pretty impressive:

  • West Coast IPA — aggressively hoppy with a big aroma and strong bitterness;
  • Hazy/New England IPA — juicy hop flavor and aroma, of course it’s hazy and the bitterness can vary;
  • Milkshake IPA — a hazy IPA with added lactose/milk sugar to give it a creamy mouthfeel;
  • Session, Double, Triple IPA — a Session IPA is less than 5% ABV, and the others grow in intensity with hops/ABV;
  • Black/Cascadian IPA — a dark IPA with some roasty notes.

There are a lot of others, and each offers so much when it comes to the craft beer experience.

Deep River Brewing offers a beautifully juicy IPA, Mango Tango Foxtrot. This IPA showcases the wonders of Australian hops, which tend to be fruitier than other hops. It offers a citrus aroma and flavors of mango and some guava — with no fruit added! The brewery assures us that “no mangos perished while making this beer.” It does have some bitterness, but honestly, how can an IPA not have it?

I highly stress that when enjoying craft beer, especially IPAs like this one, that you pour it into a glass. You need to experience all aspects of this beer — the flavor, aroma, beautiful color and clarity.

Deep River Brewing is located at 700 W. Main St. in downtown Clayton, and is known as “Johnston County’s First Legal Brewery.”

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