Liquid Assets: Fainting Goat Stiff Leg Belgian Tripel

There are Belgian beer styles that are reminiscent of a baseball diamond but have absolutely nothing to do with the sport. The styles are singel, dubbel, tripel, quadrupel (quad for short) — all with origins as Belgian Trappist ales brewed at Christian monasteries throughout Belgium. We’re going to hit a long ball out to deep center and make it to third base to enjoy one of my favorites — the tripel.

The tripel isn’t really a “triple” of anything, like a Triple IPA. In the list of the four Trappist ales, it tends to be the third-highest in alcohol content. One of the theories for the name is the markings that were added to barrels to signify strength, and a tripel would have three X’s. It is a strong golden ale that is considered “yeast forward” with the Belgian Yeast. This means the yeast traditionally produces wonderful aroma notes of orange citrus, banana and cloves that also come through in the flavor.

Fainting Goat Brewing produces Stiff Leg Belgian Tripel, and boy, is this a beautifully dangerous beer. It comes in at 9% ABV, but you would never know it. It is sweet with a strong presence of the Belgian yeast and little, if any, alcohol flavor. It’s served in a tulip glass, which contains the aroma for you to enjoy while you sip it. The combination of aroma and taste is a great experience with craft beer, and this is one to enjoy!

Fainting Goat Brewing Company is a veteran- and woman-owned brewery with two locations — its original location at 330 S. Main St. in Fuquay-Varina and 102. W. Parrish Drive in Benson. the brewery produces high-quality handcrafted beer in small batches. Limited release beers are offered in addition to its flagship and seasonal selections.

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