Liquid Assets: Copperline from Carolina Brewery

It’s not very often that you find a beer style that pairs exceptionally well with a dessert. You can find plenty of “dessert” beers out there that fit that title wonderfully — sweet, sometimes fruity and all very deliciously decadent. In this particular instance, there is a beer style that’s relatively new to the beer industry, and it pairs so well with food all on its own, no additional additives are needed for the beer.

The American Amber is a product of the ’80s, when brewers on the West Coast were looking for something a little darker than a pale ale but not as much as a brown ale. The color is spot-on to the name, amber or copper, but you may find ones that are deep red. The addition of American hops balances the malt while still letting the malt character shine.

Carolina Brewery’s Copperline Amber Ale is a wonderful gateway beer for those who don’t prefer excessive hop bitterness or really dark beers. This is an easy drinking beer that delivers a robust toffee or light caramel flavor. Carolina Brewery considers it their Grill Beer, as it goes great with savory foods like barbecue, steak and burgers.

As mentioned earlier, for a dessert pairing, this is a must try! Their dessert menu has a Banana Pudding Jar and a Peanut Butter and Chocolate Jar. Copperline’s caramel/toffee goodness blended with either of these desserts is an incredible flavor experience. A little bite and a small sip swirled in your mouth will produce a big smile.

Carolina Brewery has two locations — one in Pittsboro and the original location in Chapel Hill. Both are brew pubs so you can enjoy pairing Copperline with a variety of their menu items but especially with the desserts.

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