Honey Pig Korean BBQ

Customize the Korean barbecue with a variety of protein choices, from pork belly and marinated beef to chicken and jumbo shrimp.

Unah Ko, the owner of Honey Pig Korean BBQ in Cary, has spent the last few years drawing customers into her restaurant with delicious dishes and sizzling service. Ko, who moved with her family from South Korea to the US in 1988, was excited to share a bit more about traditional Korean BBQ  one of the culinary world’s most popular trends. 

When did Honey Pig open?   

Honey Pig in Cary opened December 20, 2019. We are located in the heart of West Cary, near Preston Country Club, and five minutes from H-Mart (a Korean supermarket). 

What inspired you to open Honey Pig?   

My cousin owns a Honey Pig in Duluth, Georgia, and he opened back in 2007. He inspired me to open one up here in Cary. We’re probably the first authentic KBBQ that opened here in the RDU area. 

What does Honey Pig offer?   

People love our kimchi stew, soft tofu stew, beef short rib soup, and much more. But we are really known for our Korean barbecue, so we have BBQ grills at all 26 tables. We are not an all-you-can-eat joint, since we prefer to serve high-quality meat alongside many Korean side dishes called ban-chan. We have great combo options for customers who would like to try different types of meat in one sitting, along with al la carte options so they can choose exactly what type of meat they’d prefer. 

What is your most popular menu item?  

I would have to say our combos are pretty popular here. As far as the meat, we are pretty known for our Honey Pig signature pork belly and Honey Pig bulgogi. As far as appetizers, we sell a lot of fried dumplings, and both seafood & kimchi pancakes. Also, we have the best kimchi stew in town! 

What sets Honey Pig apart?   

Quality, Quality, Quality!!! We use high-quality meat, and our portion sizes are pretty big as well. 

Why do you enjoy being a restaurant owner?   

Whenever I am watching our dear customers enjoying our food, that puts a huge smile on my face. I feel proud of myself, and of course our team members. I love to hear that meat sizzle!!! 




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