Exclusive dish: Hotpoint Deli’s Thanksgiving on a Bun

An unassuming red brick restaurant without so much as a sign out front, Hotpoint Deli has become a popular destination for finding adventurous Pacific-, Mexican- and Italian-inspired fare. Scrumptious eats like a Thai Curry Chicken salad, a Neapolitan-style Voodoo Chile pizza and a Catfish Quesadilla give patrons plenty of motivation for frequent visits.

It should come as no surprise, that Hotpoint would offer Thanksgiving on a Bun, a distinctive sandwich not only available during the holiday season but year-round.  Listed on the lunch menu but also available at dinnertime, this succulent offering features smoked turkey, cranberry relish, stuffing, bacon and a slathering of mayo, all heaped together on house-made focaccia bread.

“We let the bread rise and then bake it slowly and put fresh tomatoes and spinach into it,” said proprietor W. Allen Scazzero, who bought the eatery back in 2007 when it was located on nearby Buck Jones Road. “The turkey dressing is made from bread the old-fashioned way — no mix. Just about everything in the restaurant is made from scratch.” 

Scazzero added that Hotpoint serves only premium quality meats, and for this exclusive dish the brand of choice is Carolina Turkey.

“The cranberry relish gives the sandwich an unusual counterbalance to the saltiness of the turkey and dressing,” said Jean Scazzero, the owner’s wife, who often finds herself behind the counter taking orders or delivering food to the tables. She said the well-liked sandwich is a go-to choice for many regular guests.

Served warm (just the way it should be), the Thanksgiving on a Bun sandwich is available for $7.80. Chips are $1 extra. Hotpoint is open Monday through Saturday.

Hotpoint Deli
1718 Walnut St., Cary
(919) 460-6299


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