Don’t Mock the Mocktails!


Don’t mock the mocktails!

If you’re feelin’ good after drying out this January, and you want to keep a couple of nonalcoholic drink recipes up your sleeve, keep reading. Mocktails are gaining popularity at home and at happy hours throughout town. Let’s be real, I’m not getting any younger, and alarm clocks seem to be going off earlier each year.

The problem is that I am oftentimes underwhelmed by the world of nonalcoholic spirits. It can feel like I’m pouring an adult juice box into fancy stemware. Not to mention, I’ve tried many versions of “spirit-free spirits” that make me wish I had put that $40 into an actual bottle of booze instead of the strange version of what they call tequila. If you want a break from booze, but still want to drink like an adult who enjoys flavor, here are two of my favorite alcohol-free cocktails that are worth the swap.

Aperol Spritz

The Aperol Spritz is one of my cocktail favorites — a delicious sipper that packs a flavor punch and is perfect for brunch or a pre-dinner libation. A traditional Aperol Spritz is equal parts Aperol (a slightly bitter, but sweet Italian aperitif) and Prosecco, with a splash of club soda, garnished with an orange slice. My dry version swaps Aperol and Prosecco for Free Spirits The Spirit of Milano (with flavors of bitter orange, cinnamon, clove) and a good-quality tonic like Fever-Tree or Betty Buzz. Make sure you serve it in a nice stemmed wine glass, and don’t skip the garnish!


Don’t get me wrong, I love a good Margarita, but Micheladas speak to me when I’m digging (literally — I love a good guac) into my favorite Mexican foods. I have perfected my Michelada recipe through the years. All it takes is an easy swap of Budweiser Zero for my usual Mexican beer, and you won’t miss a thing! Combine a 12-ounce can of Budweiser Zero, six ounces of Clamato Juice, juice of half a lime, with three shakes of Maggi Seasoning and Valentina hot sauce to taste.

Rim a big glass with salt and Tajin. Fill with ice, and pour in all the rest.

Don’t skimp on presentation just because there’s no booze. Get out your fancy glassware, go wild with garnishes, and put those pinkies up!

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  • Marny says:

    I’d rather not support Bud. There are *other low cal beer options for making your delicious mocktail!
    Thank you for the recipe it sounds great!

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