Asali’s Pumpkin Cheesecake Mousse

The fall favorite treat features a moist spice cake base topped with pumpkin-imbued cheesecake mousse.

If you’re looking for a reliable sweet spot for scratch-made seasonal desserts, Asali in Cary sets the artisanal gold standard.

Among the cosmopolitan eatery’s most highly regarded autumn treats is the sublime pumpkin cheesecake mousse. The individually sized delicacy comprises two layers of goodness: a moist spice cake base crowned with chocolate-covered pumpkin-infused cheesecake mousse.


“The spice cake balances the pumpkin mousse, and the dark chocolate really complements it,” co-proprietor Hanadi Asad said.

Topped with a fondant mini pumpkin and dusted with crushed graham crackers, the dessert has become a fall favorite with Asali’s regular patrons.

“The fondant pumpkin is made with almond paste,” revealed Asad, who opened the café with her husband, Jamaal Ali, in 2019. On the day we visited, every table was filled with guests savoring gourmet items like pistachio baklava, macarons, and almond tarts.

Pair the pumpkin cheesecake mousse with a classic latte or a cup of sahlab, a distinctive Middle Eastern milk-based drink.

“Your smiles and enjoyment will burn off all the calories you consume,” Asad said with a laugh.

Asali Desserts & Café
107 Edinburgh S. Drive, Suite 106-A, Cary
MacGregor Village
(919) 362-7882 |

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